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Pharmacy Technician Resume

For every possible job under the sun, you are required to write down a resume. The thing is, there are many jobs which are highly similar to each other in nature and it becomes a little difficult to ensure the filtration of specific information pertaining to the particular job targeted by your resume as opposed to including general, vague info pertaining to another line of work in the same job. Two of the jobs which often get confused as one and the same due to overlapping functions and requirements happen to be the jobs of the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician. The pharmacy technician, being the more obscure job, deserves a bit of a focus. On this page, we talk about how the work of a pharmacy technician differs from that of a regular pharmacist, how to write a resume which takes these skills into consideration in particular, and a sample resume provided for the benefit of an applicant seeking the job of a pharmacy technician.

Work Particulars of a Pharmacy Technician

The role of a pharmacy technician differs by a great deal from that of a regular pharmacist. As you can guess by the job designation, this job deals a lot more with the technicalities that go behind the smooth running of a pharmacy.

Think of it in this way- the pharmacist is the “face” of the pharmacy who deals directly with the patients, looks at their prescriptions and offers them the correct dosages of medicines. On the other hand, a pharmacy technician works mostly in the “back lab” of the pharmacy. His job may include any number of the following duties-

  • The actual laboratory mixing of chemical compounds to form one basic medicinal by-product which is effective when used as treatment for the patient's ailments without affecting them in any adverse manner
  • If the pharmacy is situated in a hospital then a pharmacy technician is required to set up IV tubes, blood bags, transfusion nozzles, stands et cetera in the proper manner. If the hospital is situated away from the pharmacy, the pharmacist technician may be required to transport all of these medical equipment to the hospital
  • Proper storage of vaccines and the aforementioned medical supplies
  • Maintaining a proper record of the drug inventory currently available at the pharmacy
  • Maintaining a clear account of all the prescribed drugs sold to patients, including the name of the patient, their ailment, the quantity of drugs handed to them, and if possible, the name of the doctor and clinic who had written the prescription for them

Well, those were the main requirements of a pharmacist technician. Now that we have got that covered, let us look at a sample resume for an applicant trying out for the job of a pharmacist technician. Note that this sample resume is copy-wrighted content and meant to be used just for reference sake


Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume

Pharmacist Technician Sample Resume
Personal Details Name: Debra K. Whitman
Address: 470 Hawk's Nest Lane, St. Louis, MO 63101
Contact Id (Telephone Number): 314 – 660 – 3939
Email ID:

To take advantage of my immaculate educational training in order to serve as a pharmacy technician in your esteemed hospital.

Skills Possessed Which Are Relevant to the Job of a Pharmacy Technician
  • Ability to decipher the needs of the patients by understanding prescriptions in hand or the ones read out over the telephone
  • Due to academic background, excellent knowledge on chemical compounds essential for the synthesis of drug products prescribed for patients by most doctors
  • Comfortable with handling medical equipment like IV tubes, transfusion nozzles, blood bags, as well as administering vaccine shots to patients
  • High levels of competency in recording drug inventory on the computer as well as accounting information regarding drug sales
  • Highly ethical especially on the grounds of making prescribed drugs available to the general public
Previous Work Experience

Pharma Labs, Chicago May 2008 – February 2012

Worked as a pharmacist technician and developer at Pharma Labs for a little less than four years. At the Pharma laboratories, I was expected to concoct medicinal drugs used in the treatment of hypertension.

I was also given the additional responsibilities of making sure that valuable medical resources like vaccines and IV tubes manufactured at the lab were kept in cold storage 24/7 and assigned the supplies to the person(s) transporting them to the local hospitals and clinics.

Educational Qualifications

Pharmacy Technician Associate's Degree, University of California (Gold Medalist, Batch of 2008)

See references attached for more information

And that is how we go about preparing a pharmacy technician resume- by emphasizing on the particularities of the job which are different from similar designations like that of a regular pharmacist. So go ahead and frame your resume with as much deft as possible.


  • Broad understanding of medications.
  • Experience in all phases of pharmacy operations.
  • Aware about every aspect of medication preparation.
  • Worked for big urban hospitals as well as small community hospital.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge of computers.


Pharmacy Technician, 1986-1991
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

  • Worked for all departments of the pharmacy i.e. IV admixtures, inpatient and outpatient.
  • Preparing admixtures and compounding medications.
  • Entering the prescription orders on computer, filling and delivering it.
  • Maintaining the track drug inventories on computer.
  • Maintaining the record of drug interactions and prescriptions on computer
  • Assisted in prepackaging as well as labeling of the medications.
  • Communicate with administrative health personals for accuracy of the records.
Pharmacy Technician, 1983-1986
Lawrence General Hospital, Lawrence, MA
  • Preparing the medications according to the standards of quality and guidelines of the pharmacy.
  • Entering prescription orders in computer and creating payments.
  • Packaging the drugs according to government rules and pharmacy standards.
  • Provided assistance in the final checking of filled prescriptions.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and safety at work environment.
  • Maintaining record of long term patients.
Pharmacy Clerk, 1981-1983
MediPoint, Brookline, MA
  • Received prescription orders from telephone as well as in-person.
  • Consulted with health professional for accuracy of the medications.
  • Maintained record information.
  • Performed office's daily routine activities.
  • Provided customer service involved with the position.


Pharmacy Technician Associate's Degree, 2000
from University of Phoenix


If any/If required

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