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Optician Resume

An optician resume is written by a person who tests the patients' eyes and tells them about their eyesight power and accordingly makes lenses for them. Though they test eyes and dispense eye lenses and glasses, they don't indulge into any kind of treatment or surgery. They do remain up-to-date with a ll the latest developments taking place in the field of eye care. They may have their own private practice or may be employed with hospitals or clinics.

They have special expertise in the field of optics which enable them to work on and develop equipment for eye sight correction. The registered/ licensed opticians also design lenses and artificial implants to correct certain cosmetic or anatomical irregularities in the patients.

They are all affiliated to certain regulatory bodies, which make sure that they all adhere to the medical practice standards and have their professional liability insurance in place.

The work that they must specialize in includes lensometer (used for measuring the right power in the eyeglasses or lenses that are being made for the patient), lens cutter (to properly and symmetrically cut the lens to fit it properly into the frames, etc.

Now before you write the resume for this post, certain points must be very clear to you. These are the very points that will help you write a good and an effective resume. These are as follows:

  • Start with the objective statement - It is necessary that you start your resume with an impressive objective statement. This should clearly communicate to the recruiter the amount of dedication you are willing to put into the job at hand.

  • Follow a definite structure - There are various resume formats that can be used by an individual. But the choice depends upon the specific need. The types of formats are- chronological, functional, combination and targeted resume. All of them have specific differences in their flow and structure. The use of a particular format depends on the type of your work experience till now. But for most of the cases, we can use combination resume format.

  • Keep it short - Don't let the resume run for lengths of pages. It has to be concise and precise in its contents. The recruiter doesn't have much time to go through long resumes.

  • Check it before you send it - Not a very healthy prospect it seems if the recruiter were to find a mistake in your resume. It will spoil your chances of getting the job. This is why you must check the resume at least twice,l after writing, for any mistakes in the body.

  • Update any contact numbers and company addresses - It is possible that the phone numbers of your references or the old companies may have changed at the time of your writing the resume. In this case, the recruiter will not be able to contact them. This is why, you must, while providing such information, check for the updated numbers and changed addresses of the previous companies before writing them down in your resume.

Following is an optician resume sample for a better clear understanding of yours.

Optician Resume Sample

John Wood
12 Privet Drive
Lakewood, CA


To get the job of optician with a reputed eye care company and to dedicatedly work towards catering to the patients by providing them with reliable and quality eye lenses and specs.

Profile Summary

  • 5 years of experience in the field of eye care.
  • Worked for reputed company like J.F. Optics.
  • Licensed optician from the American Board of Opticianry.

Skills Summary

  • Good interpersonal skills in tackling customers and understanding their needs.
  • A sharp eye for details as to lens color, lens power, choice of frames, cutting of the lens to accommodate it precisely into the frame.
  • Ability to help people in making the right choice regarding the frame and lens.
  • Confident employee and skilled in the handling of technical equipment.
  • Good with precise readings and mathematical skills.
  • Excellent managerial skills along with good business skills.

Work Experience

J.F. Optics.
Optician (2009 till Present)

  • Successfully contributed to the CA branch by increasing its optical sales with the help of good marketing skills and promoting helpful environment for the customers.
  • Offered tech support to ophthalmologists in various hospitals.
  • Worked on providing full support to the customers from testing for lens power, to designing and coating the lens with non-reflective medium, and other such things.
  • Contributed towards managing and staffing the branch store with suitable staff.

CFN Eye Care Clinic
Optician (2007-2009)

  • Worked in optics division and tested the patients for their eye sights.
  • Got patients referred to me by the staff doctors to get their specs made.
  • Worked in close association with the doctors and made lenses and specs as per the precise specifications of the prescriptions.


  • Three years' course in Eye Care Optics from XYZ College of Medicine, 2007
  • Bachelor's in Biology, XYZ College, 2004


  • Registered with the General Optical Council (GOC)


In a chronologically reverse order, fill out this section with your recent professional achievements.

This is how, in conjunction to the above mentioned tips ( in the introduction section), one writes an optician resume with all the relevant and important details put into it. This sample only sheds more light on the subject of which format to follow and how to manage the flow of information. It is important to mention the name of the institute form where you have been issued the license to practice, along with the names of the hospitals/ companies for which you have worked till date. The nature of work and some important responsibilities supported their need to be mentioned in bullet points. Doing this will give a clear picture of your competencies and contribution to the reader, which he can use in clearly deciding whether you are fit for the job or not. So, follow this structure and write your own effective optician resume. All the best!

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