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Occupational Therapist Resume

Occupational Therapist resume is written by such professional doctors who specialize in treating patients for their psychological and physical aspects. The field of occupational therapy is very vast and there are different categories of specialists: adult rehabilitation, pediatrics, Hand therapy, ergonomics, vision rehabilitation, community consultation, and assisted living care therapy. Apart from these specialties, there exists different kinds of therapies like:

  • Occupational therapy for adult patients - The therapists work closely with the elderly people and help them cope up with the many challenges that come along with the old age. The aim is to make them self-sufficient and independent.

  • Occupational therapy for mentally and/ or emotionally challenged - The therapist works with people facing mental and/ or emotional problems in coping with life, maybe after a traumatic experience. They help them in acquiring social skills in order to function and comprehend things in a better way.

  • Occupational therapists for working professionals - These therapists work with corporate companies, police force and defense establishments that are their clients. They can be approached by the employees to talk about work related stress, effects of some traumatic/ shock experience felt in the line of duty (especially by police and defense personnels). The therapists help them in coming to terms with the past and embracing the present and future.

According to the theory advocated by the Occupational Performance Model (OPM), the level of an individual's health and personal satisfaction depends upon how well he has adjusted to his work environment and how well is he performing in such environment. This is thus, the aim of the occupational therapist to make sure that his patients are feeling good about themselves and the circumstances of their life- be it professional life, personal life or the age factor.

An occupational therapist's resume letter should be detailed in terms of his specialty of field, including some of his important contributions in the field of therapy. It also should be written in a concise and to-the-point manner so that it covers only the relevant information and ceases short of irritating the reader with a gauntlet of unwanted textual detail. Mentioning the names of companies/ or the hospitals where you have worked is mandatory. The more rich your employer record is the more better it is for your future job prospects as the person till then has had made a substantial mark in his field. Also, once you have written the resume, do proofread it thoroughly on order to eliminate any small mistakes that may have been committed in the body.

Following is an occupational therapist resume for your reference.

Occupational Therapist Resume Sample

Jake Black
41 Domino St
Lakewood, CA
(432) 699-0912


To be at service of patients who require therapeutic help in dealing with their life's stress and work environment, thus providing a better state of mind and attitude to them which will help in being a better person.

Profile Summary

  • 6 years of rich experience in the profession of occupational therapy.
  • 95% rate of efficient treatment of my patients till date.
  • Good amount of experience in work related stress cases and emotional/ traumatic cases.
  • Licensure from The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
  • Worked as occupational therapist for the employees of many reputed companies.

Skills Summary

  • Good at understanding patients and reaching out to them in emotional ways.
  • Experienced in treating professional employees and elderly people in order to make their lives better.
  • Good management skills that are useful in managing my subordinates.
  • Accurate assessment of problems and suitable treatment.

Work Experience

ABC Hospital
Occupational Therapy (2009 till Present)

  • Work with the Senior occupational therapists in the field and learnt quite a lot about advanced studies in this field.
  • Assessed and treated patients with varying levels of mental and emotional disturbances that affected their living and professional lives in unsettling ways.
  • Performed different levels of treatment on patients and included various psychological measures and techniques, thanks to my vast knowledge on the subject.
  • Monitored the improvement in the patients and kept records of the same.
  • Motivating them and making them realize the ramifications of their depression.

Wolver Center for Therapeutic Treatment
Assistant Orthodontist (2006-2009)

  • Worked in the department of Occupational therapy and researched on subjects under observation.
  • Attended to patients with diverse psychological and emotional problems.
  • Studied my patients and helped them in recovering through their crisis in the best possible,most positive manner.
  • Assisted the senior staff in case matters.
  • Took on to therapeutic duties for many corporate offices and helped the employees.
  • Handled the cases of many war vets and helped them in achieving a normal state of social and emotional state.


  • Doctor of Psychology, New York School of Psychology, 2005
  • Bachelors in Psychology, New York School of Psychology, 2002


  • The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
    License #6111781


Fill this section with your career's important achievements.

This is one example of how to write an effective occupational therapist resume that could impress the reader with its to the point, important content about your work experience and educational qualifications. There are also, other formats for writing a resume but in this case, we have used a combination resume format for the point of understanding. Also, this format is one of the most preferred format among other formats.

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