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Nutritionist Resume

Resumes play a key role in a job application process, and applicants willing to pursue a career as a nutritionist will have to first construct an appropriate nutritionist resume that describes their skills and expertise effectively. Preparing a resume is often a difficult task, typically because resumes are kind of documents that one rarely writes, and the need of writing one arises only during a job application process. Resume serves the purpose of enlightening the recruiter of the skills and expertise of the applicant and describes his eligibility for the post. It is therefore crucial for the recruiter to write their resume in such a fashion that it effectively conveys the facts to the recruiter. In order to write an effective resume you must follow certain procedures and guidelines that will be required for writing one. Below mentioned are some rules you need to follow while writing your nutritionist resume.

Rules and guidelines for writing a proper nutritionist resume

  • Appropriate format: A format is the most essential element of a resume, as it gives the resume its shape and size. With a proper format you can easily write down all your facts and manner in a systematic manner and give your resume and organized appeal.
  • Official tone: A resume must be written in an official tone as it is written for an official purpose. Casual and informal words and phrases must not be used as it will affect the quality of the resume to a great extent.
  • Short and brief: The resume must be kept short and brief with being precise and to the point. There should not be any irrelevant information that is not connected to the position. Bulleted points must be used wherever necessary, and long sentences and paragraphs must be avoided.
  • Highlight your skills and achievements: You must emphasize your skills and capitalize on your achievements. Recruiters will put greater attention in those aspects, as it will help them in determining your quality for the post.
By following the above tips and guidelines you will be able to construct an appropriate nutritionist resume that will surely serve the purpose. Below is a sample resume for the post of a nutritionist that will help you in framing your own resume.

Sample Nutritionist Resume

Joshua C. Haubert
3582 Oakridge Farm Lane
West Bend, WI 53090
Telephone: 282 288918281

Career Objective:

Looking forward to seek a position as a nutritionist in a reputed firm, where I can use my skills and knowledge which I have garnered over the years, for the better functioning of the firm.

Career Summary:

I have gained a professional experience of 3 years in the field working with 2 prestigious organizations, delivering the best of performance and gaining valuable professional experience. Possess excellent organization and management skills, along with good supervision and communication skills as well.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess excellent ability to manage clients through better communication and behavioral treatment
  • Expertise in problem solving and solutions to matter related with nutrition and diet
  • Designing client specific diet plans and programs
  • Proficiency in monitoring and analyzing the current situations of the patients, and recommending specific diet programs
  • Excellent organizational and management skills
  • Good communication and behavioral skills

Professional Experience:

Firm: Hasbro Medical Institute North Carolina
Designation: Nutritionist
Duration: March 2011 to March 2012


  • Handled patients with nutritional issues
  • Conducted diagnostic procedures for the reason behind the problem
  • Designed appropriate and schematic diet programs as per client's requirement
  • Advised patients on various nutritional facts, and how to stay healthy by following proper nutritional diet.
Firm: Carolina Medical Center
Designation: Nutritionist
Duration: March 2009 to March 2011


  • Looked after patients with nutritional issues and problems associated with eating disorders.
  • Examined patients through various medical, behavioral, and psychological tests for determining the reason behind illness.
  • Instructing patients with problems associated with the heart, cardiovascular problems, patients with diabetes and other types of digestive problems, patients suffering from eating disorder like bulimia, anorexia, and binge eaters.
  • Designed client specific plans and programs, and executed them in an effective manner.
  • Counseling with patients and enlightening them about healthy nutritional habits.


  • Completed 2 year Post Graduation Diploma in Nutrition from Miami University 2008.
  • Completed Graduation in General Science from Wellington College of Arts Science and Commerce in 2006.

Personal Interest:

Traveling, cooking, culinary activities, etc.


I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.

Enclosures: Resume, Appreciation letter, reference letters.

The above sample and tips will be of great help for those who are finding it difficult to construct their own nutritionist resume. The sample contains fictitious information, and applicants can update accordingly keeping the same format.
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