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Nursing Home Manager Resume

A nursing home manager is written by a person of adequate experience and skills in the field of nursing and department management. The skills that are required of him in efficiently managing the role involved in such a job are- efficient planning, good nursing and medical knowledge, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Some of the points to be kept in mind while writing a resume are:

  • Avoid any mistakes - these should absolutely be no spelling mistakes throughout the resume. To ensure this, you must proofread it properly.
  • Keep it short - Keeping the resume short is possible when you stick to only the relevant and important details of it all. Also use bullet points here.

Following is a nursing home manager resume sample to build up on your clarity of how to write such a resume effectively and successfully in order to secure a job in this field.

Sample Nursing Home Manager Resume

Greg Joseph
42 Ulsa St
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-0445


To be of service to my patients in the most efficient manner and give them an easy and comfortable environment to recuperate from their current medical conditions.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich experience in the nursing profession with good experience in department management.
  • Experience in managing the nursing department in terms of its stock, equipment, staff and cleanliness.
  • Experience in staff recruitment and training.
  • Strict adherence to health care standards and regulations.
  • Recipient of 'Best Nurse' at ABC Hospital in the year 2009.
  • Received my practice license from the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) in 2009.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of health and safety regulations in house keeping.
  • Problem solving attitude with good managerial skills to successfully manage the nursing department staff.
  • Patient and compassionate in nature and thus being understanding and susceptible tot he need of the patients.
  • Good at administering injections, medicines, dressing and bandage, together with keeping track of patient's daily medication schedule.
  • Good interpersonal skills enabling me to carry out my work across the department with ease and smoothness.
  • Supervisory skills to ensure that all the staff is doing their job up to the mark.
  • Good at accounting skills.

Work Experience

ABC Nursing Home
Ward Manager (2009-Present)

  • Managing the entire nursing department.
  • Planning infrastructural operations and giving an efficient surrounding to the patients.
  • Ensuring that the nursing home meets all of the heath regulations of medicine.
  • Carrying out the hiring procedures with the help of the head of the nursing staff.
  • Handling the budgetary section of the nursing home in close association with the accountant.
  • Providing the patients with the feedback forms so that we can judge our performance based on their opinion.
  • Making sure that all the equipment is working properly and is maintained and serviced from time to time.

Roger Memorial Hospital
Senior Nurse- Head of the department (2007-2009)

  • Assisting the subordinate staff in carrying out the duties of patient care with precision and care.
  • Assisting the doctors in their medical procedures and patient care.
  • Allocating job responsibilities to the nurses and making sure that they carry out their work professionally and effectively.
  • Assisting the surgeon staff in preparing the operation theater for operations.
  • Ensuring that the bed sheets are kept clean and the patients are given a clean environment.

Montgomery Hospital (2005-2007)

  • Joined as a staff nurse after a successful completion of my initial internship
  • Completed my internship in nursing home management.


  • Bachelor's degree in Nursing (with specialization in department management), Medical College of New York, 2005


Fill this section with your professional achievements like awards, recognition, promotions, etc.

This is how a nursing home manager resume is drafted. See how the names of all the places where the candidates has worked are mentioned along with small details of the kind of work done by him in each such hospital. There also is a mention of internship, which the candidate has done before joining the full time work. This detail is an important one and should always be, if applicable, mentioned along with other work in the field. Here, the resume letter has been divided into separate sections with clear headings, which is vital for making the resume more clearer and understandable.

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