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Nursing Aide Resume

Hospitals intake a number of patients every day. Every patient has different requirements and needs different sorts of medical help and care. Doctors and nurses take care of the core medical treatment offered to the patients, such as surgeries, medication, etc. For other basic needs like assistance in bathing, dressing, etc., the hospitals appoint Nursing Aide or Nursing Assistant. The one's working at this position need to complete a nursing assistant certified course. The person who wishes to work at this position needs to be caring and should not hesitate to help the patient in any way. To understand more about the job responsibilities associated with the same, read the nursing aide resume sample given below.

Nursing Aide Resume Sample

Jolly D. Lacey
4814 Goldcliff Circle
Washington, DC 20018
Ph: 208-308-8472

Career Objective:

Having worked in Nursing Aide for almost 5 years, willing to work with a hospital wherein I get to help the patients who need my assistance the most. I wish to work with the children's ward of the hospital, and provide my care and love to the children to help them cope with their sufferings.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 5 years, am currently employed with JJM Holy Life Hospital, Washington, DC since 2008. Prior to this, I was working with Washington Medicare Services, Washington. All these years I have worked with patients suffering from normal diseases to some other suffering from fatal diseases like cancer. I have always tried to motivate and rejuvenate them with care and love. I never believe in showing sympathy towards patients, rather, I try to motivate them to cope with their diseases. I have thus, been appreciated for my work and have been appreciated for my care and dedication towards these patients.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in first aid, CPR, and dressing of severe wounds and fractures
  • Thorough with the duties of a Nursing Aide
  • Well acquainted with the hygiene standards required to be maintained in the patient wards and that of the patients as well, as per the standards set for medical care services
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to gel with people easily and thus make them feel comfortable
  • Good at understanding the medicine and health care or any other schedule drafted for the patient, and thorough in executing the same
  • Good knowledge of diet for the patients that needs to be followed effectively to help patients recover better

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: JJM Holy Life Hospital, Washington, DC (2008-till date)
Designation: Sr. Nursing Aide
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitor and supervise the work of junior assistants and devise work schedules for them
  • Work in coordination with the doctors and nurses working on patients suffering from cancer and cardiac problems
  • Responsible for making sure that the patient eats the right food on right time, takes the right medicine, and inform/remind the nurse about syringes to be given
  • Assist the patients in recovering by helping them walk, helping them practice different exercise prescribed by the doctor, etc.
  • Oversee the work of junior staff, and check the patient's ward for hygiene and safety
  • Help the patients get sponge bath and similar help by ordering the junior nursing aides about the same
  • Make sure that all the required general supplies, like mosquito repellent, tissues, dustbin, towels, etc., are available for the patient
  • Communicate with the patient and let the doctor know anything that the patient needs
  • Help patients move around or help them move from one ward to the other using wheelchairs
  • Record blood pressure, pulse, temperature, rate of intake of food and fluids, etc., and report the same to the nurses or doctors
  • Assist the doctor or nurse while treating the patient or while providing the required medication

Previous Work Experience

Washington Medicare Services, Washington, DC (2006-2008)
Designation: Nursing Aide
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report the Head Nurse
  • Change bed linens, water jars, pots, etc.
  • Help the patient with sponge bath, change the patient's dress, help the patient take food and medicines, etc.
  • Help move the patient from one place to another using wheelchair


  • High School Diploma from George's Education Foundation, Washington - 2006
  • Certified Nursing Assistant course from Washington Medicare Services - 2007

Computer Skills:

  • Well acquainted with MS Office and basic web operations


Available on request


Jolly D. Lacey

The above given nursing aide resume sample gives a ready to use resume format, which can be used by an aspiring candidate to draft his/her resume. Draft a similar resume for yourself to apply for similar jobs.

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