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Nurse (Intensive Care Unit) Resume

There are several important units in a hospital, and they are divided on the basis of the type of treatment that takes place in those units. One of the most important unit of a hospital is ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Those patients, whose medical condition is critical, are admitted in these units. Among the several medical professionals present in a hospital, an ICU Nurse plays an important role in taking care of the patients admitted in the ICU Unit.

The job profile of an ICU Nurse differs from the job profile of the general nurses. They are responsible to continuously monitor the health condition of a patient, and inform the doctor immediately, if the health condition of the patient goes down. It is possible that the condition of the patient would become severe, if not attended properly. Therefore, it can be said that these nurses need to be quick, and able to react in the life threatening situation of a patient. Thus, these nurses differ from the general nurses, as their job profile holds high responsibilities. These nurses are found in different critical units such as Neonatal ICU, cardiac intensive care unit, Pediatric ICU, and Intensive care units.

You might be thinking how to become a Intensive Care Unit Nurse. In order to apply for this position, you should have a nursing degree, and a well prepared intensive care unit resume. Moreover you also need to possess an RN License, in order to join the position of a Nurse. Apart from the degree and qualification, you should also have some essential skills required to fulfill the responsibilities of this job position. You should have wide knowledge of medicine and nursing, must have keen eye to observe the regular health condition of the patient, and good communication skills to communicate effectively and empathetically with the patients as well their caregivers.

A resume also plays an important role when you are applying for the position of an ICU Nurse. You resume should be written effectively, and it would possess all your skills and experiences related to the job profile. You can refer to some samples, and try to craft a resume that serves your purpose. Try avoiding spelling or grammar mistakes in your resume, because that would hinder you professional image in front of an employer.

Nurse (Intensive Care Unit) Resume Example

Deborah J. Wilmoth
3917 Lewis Street
Roselle, IL 60172
Contact No: 733-542-8822
Email Id:


Looking for the position of an Intensive Care Unit Nurse, in a reputed medical firm. I want to utilize my skills, and three years of experience for the growth of the organization.


  • Possess excellent knowledge of cardiac surgical equipment, medical terminology, and Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
  • Ability to handle emergency situations
  • In depth knowledge of cardiovascular diseases, and the ways of prevention
  • Highly skilled in cardiology and open heart surgery
  • Able to treat and diagnose patients in serious conditions
  • Possess good knowledge of general nursing duties
  • Good at documentation, and maintaining the records related to the patient's treatment
  • Excellent analytical skills, and decision making ability
  • Possess good communication skills in written and verbal English

Work Experience

Company: Physlax Medical and Health Care Center
Designation: Intensive Care Unit Nurse
Duration: September 2010 to till date


  • Responsible to provide service to patients suffering from critical diseases
  • Responsible to inform the doctor immediately in case of emergency
  • Responsible to check the condition of the patient regularly
  • Assist and coordinate with the doctors and physicians
  • Responsible to provide special care to the patients who had undergone critical surgery
  • Attend various workshops and seminars

Company: Subplex Medical and health Care Center
Designation: Intensive Care Unit Nurse
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010


  • Responsible to take care of the health of the patient admitted in the ICU
  • Make sure every machinery attached to the patient is working efficiently
  • Responsible to call the doctor immediately, in the case of critical situations of the patients
  • Also, responsible to work in night shifts when required
  • Providing special care to the patients who had undergone severe surgery
  • Responsible to handle several medical equipment, and adjust it as per the need of the patients
  • Responsible to keep a record of the medical equipment


  • Completed Bachelor of Nursing Science from the Armstrong University, Florida
  • Obtained Certification in Certified Registered Nurse from Happy Family Hospital Institute, Florida
  • Completed Diploma in Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification from the Armstrong University, Florida
  • Completed High School from Saint John's School, Michael School, Florida


Bessie R. Valencia
(Medical or Surgical Nurse)
Nimdox Health and Medical Center
2245 Franklin Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

You can go through the above sample, and craft an impressive intensive care unit resume, by customizing it. Hope, the sample will help you in your future job search.

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