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Mental Health Program Manager Resume

A mental health program manager resume is written by a person who is a senior doctor and/ or advisor in a hospital- an expert in dealing with the disorders of the human brain. This post is a higher one and strictly requires a well-learned man who has years of experience of working with patients suffering from different mental conditions. Being a program manager, the applicant will have to plan and organize various educative programs and seminars for the fellow doctors and several diagnosis and treatment programs for the patients to help them in coping up with their condition. The resume of such a doctor will carry his work experience encompassing the details like the hospitals and departments he has served in, the kinds of mental conditions he has treated, and the kinds of research he has committed himself to, among other details. He will also mention in the resume his educational qualifications along with any thesis or research reports he has/ is working on. Other things to include are achievements in the field of medicine, skills in handling the work, and an objective statement. Following is a sample resume for your reference. Go through it to understand the kind of format and structure that is to be used in writing this kind of resume.

Mental Health Program Manager Resume Sample

Josse Hailey
12 Jasper St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1124


To take up a job more challenging and in a bigger medical help center where I could practice mental health medication and help more number of patients with diverse treatment plans.

Profile Summary

  • Serving in the field of mental health since last 10 years
  • Working as the medical specialist with the mental health care program of the XYZ Medical College
  • Psychotherapist with HFG Mental Health Foundation dedicated to the research and treatment of various cerebral diseases
  • Initiated new health care program for the patients of Alzheimer and Dementia
  • Worked extensively with the patients of autism and started special study and playing classes for the patients for researching on their behavioral pattern and determining the further course of treatment for each one of them individually

Skills Summary

  • Extensive experience of working on research and observation processes to develop new programs for tackling brain diseases
  • Empathic with the patients and ability to practice patience while taking care of them
  • Good interpersonal skills facilitating me to work smoothly and constructively with the other staff and contribute to my job
  • Skilled at cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, structured family therapy, and treating personality disorders

Work Experience

XYZ Medical College, New York
Medical Specialist-Psychiatry (2006-Present)

  • Oversaw the entire management and clinical treatment of the patients
  • Led a team of 6 therapists to manage the departments
  • Set up rehabilitation center in association with the Belmont Hospital of Psychotherapy
  • Took care of the in-patients suffering from severe to medium cases of depression and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Development and evaluation of new vocational programs for the patients and analyzing the results
  • Took individual psychotherapy sessions with the patients and got them to open up to the treatment

HFG Mental Health Foundation
Psychotherapist (2002-2006)

  • Provided treatment to the patients of Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Applying the principles of cognitive and behavioral theories to my practice and successfully treating patients with a humanistic approach
  • Treating the patients off frequent anxiety and panic attacks by the use of neuropathology and other brain mapping procedures

Educational Qualifications

  • Psy.D. Doctor of Psychology- Psychotherapy, New York School of Psychology, 2001
  • M.A. in Arts- Clinical Psychology, New York School of Psychology, 1999
  • B.A. Bachelor of Arts: Counseling Psychology, New York University, 1996


Mention some of your professional achievements in this section in bullet point format.

This is how a mental health program manager resume is written. Notice the format- the educational degrees and the work experience should all be in a chronologically reverse order so that it goes from the most recent one to the older ones. The details regarding the educational qualifications should be mentioned along with the course name, specialization, college/ university name and the year of passing. So, all the best with your resume.

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