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Medical Technologist Resume

In the present scenario, there are several sectors such as engineering, architecture, law, medical, aerospace, etc., where you can apply for a job, as per your qualifications and skills. It all depends on the field in which you have pursued your education. A candidate applies for a job in the field in which he/she has completed his/her studies. You cannot dream yourself as an Engineer, until you complete a certification, diploma or degree in this field, and the same logic applies to the medical field. If you want to make your career in the medical field, then you need to acquire a degree related to the medical field.

There are many jobs in the medical field as well, and you can apply for one of the jobs, as per your level of education you pursued, and the years of experience you have. One of the exciting jobs of the medical field is the job of a Medical Technologist. These professionals are highly qualified in their job and they need to fulfill their job responsibilities very efficiently. They use several equipment present in a medical facility. A Medical Technologist has a wide area available, where they can apply for a job. They do not need to stick to the hospitals; instead they can also apply in labs and clinics. They are highly skilled in using different medical equipment, and therefore they indulge themselves in various research and tests. They go through several tests, and keep the record of data collected from these tests. It is necessary that in order to carry on the research successfully, and keep it up to date, these professionals need to keep themselves aware of the latest technology and revolution in the medical field.

Now, the question arises on how you can apply for this position. First of all, you should have a relevant degree in this field. A Bachelor's Degree in the related field would be sufficient to apply for this position. If you have some previous experience, it will help you get the job more easily, because an experienced candidate is the first choice of an employer. Apart from your degree and skills, do not forget to craft an impressive medical technologist resume, because it is one of the most required tool to win a job.

Medical Technologist Resume Example

David D. Coady
3254 Southern Avenue
Ware, MO 63050
Contact No: 733-521-7788
Email Id:


Looking for the position of a Medical Technologist in an esteemed medical firm, where I can apply my skills, and gain expertise in this field further.


  • Highly skilled in analyzing the testing procedures
  • Capable to perform specialized diagnostic and research procedures
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of instruments used in medical technology
  • Excellent knowledge of working on different computer systems
  • Maintaining complete records of different tests carried out in the clinic
  • Excellent analytical skills and mathematical skills
  • Possess outstanding organizational skills

Work Experience

Company: Antouch Incorporations
Designation: Sr. Medical Technologist
Duration: September 2010 to till date


  • Responsible to conduct laboratory tests
  • Responsible to manage different medical equipment in the hospital
  • Managing the process and procedures of different departments when needed
  • Responsible to manage the procedures of Hematology and Biochemistry departments
  • Responsible to maintain the records of different medical tests and procedures
  • Entering the data in the database through CRT
  • Responsible to conduct medical tests for departments such as ELT, Astra and Coagamate
  • Also responsible to receive and reply the incoming calls and emails
  • Responsible to supervise and train the team of Jr. Medical Technologist

Company: Yearplex Incorporations
Designation: Medical Technologist
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010


  • Responsible to conduct different laboratory tests and research
  • Maintaining proper records of the tests and research conducted
  • Receiving and replying to incoming and outgoing telephone calls and emails of different departments
  • Entering the data in the database with the help of CRT
  • Conducting medical tests in departments such as Astra, ELT and Coagamate


  • Completed Certification in Medical Technician from the University of Texas, Texas
  • Completed Diploma in Nursing and Office Management from the University of Texas, Texas
  • Completed High School from Saint Xavier's Academy from the University of Texas, Texas


Harry E. Lumsden
3539 Center Avenue
Avenal, CA 93204

If you wish to apply for the post of a Medical Technologist, then refer to the sample of a medical technologist resume given above, and prepare your resume accordingly, for your upcoming job.

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