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MRI Coordinator Resume

Are you familiar with the word - "MRI"? It is a word related to the medical field, and its expanded form is "Magnetic Resonance Imaging". It is a new technique used alternatively for X-ray machines. MRI is a new technique, and it has been used since the year 1980. It is a safe technique and does not emit harmful radiations like x-rays machines. In the MRI test, a magnetic field and pulse of radio-wave energy is used to take pictures of organs and structures inside the body. This technique is quite helpful these days, as it shows even those problems which cannot be seen with any other imaging machines. Now, if you have completed your studies in medical science, and you are familiar with this machine, you can apply for the job of an MRI Coordinator with a MRI coordinator resume.

How Does a MRI Work?

You might be thinking how MRI is used to detect the problems of the body. In this test, the area of the body to be examined is placed inside a machine that has a strong magnet inside. This magnet captures the images of the body parts and shows it on a computer. These pictures can also be stored for further studies. It is helpful in many medical situations such as bleeding, tumors, infection, and blood vessel diseases. It is helpful for scanning different parts of the body such as chest, head, blood vessels, bones, joints, abdomen, and pelvis.

What does a MRI Coordinator do?

A MRI Coordinator is a professional who operates MRI machines. They take detailed pictures of affected structures and tissues. They check for the different parameters and adjustments of the machines and even guide the patients during imaging. Moreover, they also operate some of the other machines other than MRI machines.

To become a MRI Coordinator, you need to have knowledge about chemistry, physics, anatomy, and microbiology. As far as a degree is concerned, you should have a degree in Radiologic Technology from an esteemed institution. You can also apply for this position, if you have a High School Degree and a Certification in Radiologic Technology.

This is a good sector for you to make your career, if you possess a related degree in this field. You can earn a good amount of money working at this position in a good health center. An MRI Technician is paid $65000 per annum on an average. Therefore, it can prove to be a high earning job for you.

MRI Coordinator Resume Example

Lisa M. Salguero
1901 Eva Pearl Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Contact No: 733-454-6644
Email Id:


I want to hold the responsible position of a MRI Coordinator in a renowned organization, where I can apply my skills and knowledge, related to this field.


  • Excellent communication skill in written and verbal English
  • Outstanding knowledge of working in this field
  • Excellent knowledge of operating the MRI machines
  • Able to handle the minor problems of the MRI machines
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good understanding of the images taken by MRI machines

Work Experience

Company: Contantrax Radiotherapist Incorporations
Designation: MRI Coordinator
Duration: September 2010 to till date


  • Responsible to get the machine ready, before the procedure of imaging
  • Responsible to prepare the patient for MRI imaging
  • Make sure that the patient is still, so that exact imaging of the particular body part could be done
  • Adjusting different parameters of the MRI machine
  • Recording the images of the affected area/s of the patient
  • Responsible to store the images in computers for further detailed studies about the disease
  • Responsible to take care of the all safety measures

Company: Faxtouch Radiotherapist Incorporations
Designation: MRI Coordinator
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010


  • Responsible to check the machine regularly, and make sure that it is working properly
  • Responsible for setting up of the machine before imaging
  • Adjust the patient on the seat in such a manner that proper picture could be taken
  • Adjusting the different mechanism of the machine to get a clear picture
  • Capturing the picture of the affected part
  • Recording and saving the picture in the computer
  • Also, responsible to operate other related machines


  • Completed Certification in Medical Technician from the University of Texas, Texas
  • Completed Diploma in Nursing and Office Management from the University of Texas, Texas
  • Completed High School from Saint Xavier's Academy from the University of Texas, Texas


Ruth J. Segers
(MRI Technician)
Saobase Radiotherapy Incorporations
1466 Watson Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

You can refer to the sample of an MRI coordinator resume given above, and apply for this position in a good medical firm. You can also customize and use the above given sample for your next job.

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