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Dentist Resume

A Dentist Resume focuses on the varied relevant dexterity and potentiality of the applicant, and assists him/her one step further to obtain the position. The career option of a Dentist is one of the ten best paying jobs in the United States. If you are sure to gain the job of a Dentist, then you need to be very good in Biology, Chemistry and Health. With good grades in the mentioned subjects you have to appear for an admission test to get an entry into a good dental college. A four years degree in Dental Care with specialization in the fields like Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, etc., can assure you of your potentiality. But only educational qualifications will not help, if you do not possess the requisite skills. To secure the post of a Dentist, you should have the following abilities:

  • Should be a master of standard concepts of Dental Health and practices of Dentistry
  • Smooth handling of patient's teeth or gum surgery
  • Capacity to examine, diagnose and treat varied dental diseases and tooth decays in a perfect way
  • Vast knowledge about medicine to prescribe patient in time of need
  • Ability to fill cavities, straightening and replacing teeth
  • Ability to train patient about proper tooth care like brushing and using fluorides.
  • Superb manual skill
  • Apt visual memory
  • Willing to work on extra time
  • Command over languages to deal with people from varied linguistic background
  • Well disciplined, devoted and hard working
Sample Dentist Resume

Mark Henry
235, East 23 Street
Los Angeles, CA 5677
(154)457 6788

Career Objectives:

Aspire to join as a full time Dentist to bring an improvement into patient's dental health.

Educational Background:

  • Achieved Bachelor Degree in the field of Dental Health from the Toronto School of Dental Medicine, in the year of 1996.
  • Achieved M.D in Dental Health with specialization in Orthodontics in the year 1998

Career History:

  • ABC Hospital New York, NY
    Role: Dentist
    (2005 - Present)
  • Medicare Health Club Stanford, CT
    Role: Dentist
    (1999- 2005)

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provided preventive and suitable treatments for mouth and teeth problems.
  • Provided dental care to the public with the help of National Health Service.
  • Responsible to give information on how to care teeth and mouth.
  • Maintained patient dental related record.
  • Recruited staff and trained them as per the requirement.
  • Used tool such as X-rays to examine teeth condition.
  • Responsible for gum disease, restoring teeth affected by decay. 87.

Computer Knowledge:

  • MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Good in database such as SQL, Access, Oracle.

Dentist Resume Example

Mark Paul
372, North Street
New Jersey, TA, 18724
(153) 286 628

Professional Objectives:

Attain a position of a Dentist to treat people with varied tooth problem leveraging my skills and professional expertise.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Have done graduation in Dental Health in the year 1997
  • Done Specialization in Oral Dental Care

Work Experiences:

Innovation Dental Hospital
Role: Dentist

Get Well Soon Dental Clinic
Role: Dentist

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Treated tooth decay, cavities and other tooth related hazards.
  • Prescribed medicines to cure dental problems like gum swelling, tooth injuries, etc.
  • Replaced teeth plus placed plastic sealants on teeth
  • Did surgical operation of teeth injuries
Relevant Skills:
  • Ability to provide medicinal help on tooth related problems
  • Capacity to shoulder dental surgery
  • In -depth knowledge of Dental Health
  • Smooth tooth replacing, cavity filling up, and molds fitting skill
  • Good diagnosing, examining and treating ability
  • Best interpersonal skill
  • Smooth handling of equipment used during dental treatment
  • Mastery over pushing injections on gums.

The above samples of dentist resume highlight all the necessary points of an applicant. In case you are looking for the coveted job of a Dentist, then you too can go through the examples. Follow the serial mention of your educational and professional features, and lay emphasis on the relevant skills. Check your resume once again before sending to find out existing spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. Remember to give only valid and truthful information. No need to elongate your information. Showcase everything in bulleted fonts to give a precise and clear look to your resume. The goal will be yours.

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