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Dental Hygienist Resume

A dental hygienist resume enlightens the reader about the candidate's ability to provide high quality oral care, representing his interests and goals within the sector of oral hygiene, and highlighting his professional experience. Like any other resume, this too acts as an effective marketing tool, presenting before the reader your profile and the significant elements that hold you together as a valuable asset within your line of profession. It starts with your contact details, followed by an effective career objective which states your intentions and the purpose of the resume. Crafting it with care will enable you to use it as a title for your profile. Starting to write the resume might seem difficult; however, if you are closely familiar with the vision of the health care business, it becomes easy to frame a strong one. Try talking to the recruiters about their objectives and discuss your profile/application, if time permits. This will give you a clear idea as to the information that you are expected to project.

Customize your resume accordingly

Now that you know that you need to keep the resume employer-centered, try manipulating the layout of a standard combination resume, so as to make it look enhanced and personal to your scenario. Refer to the dental hygienist resume sample given below, and you'll come across a profile summary, which shows 7-8 most relevant job roles pertaining to the previous employments. Note down all the details that you can recollect, pertaining to your professional background, and pick out those that are utmost significant, when compared to the specifications of the job that you are seeking. The idea is to summarize your professional background into a set of few highly informative sentences. Study the formation of sentences in the example below, and try clubbing two or more pieces of information together, organizing them in an orderly manner, with abundant details explained clearly in brief and with simplicity.

You'll also see that the summary is followed by a Key Skills section, comprising of 5-6 essential qualities that add value to your profile. As you are attempting for a highly specific and personal application, leave out all the general skill sets and other details that are commonplace or ordinary. Note that you need not include further details of previous employments, except the basic details of the employer, and your designation and duration of employment. However, if you wish to include any information, further specific to a particular employment, then you may do so here, using bullets for highlighting and better visibility. Include them in the employment section, next to the details of the employment. You may also include your accomplishments here, or you may choose to include a separate section for it.

See below for a free sample of dental hygienist resume, provided for your reference. Observe its layout and grasp how all details are arranged to facilitate a smooth flow of information.

Rosa A. Escobedo
499 Primrose Lane
Genoa, WI 54632
(608) 689-1625


Registered Dental Hygienist with 4 years of consecutive experience seeks an opportunity to further utilize the developed skills and knowledge at disposal, and aid in the maintenance of a healthy environment within the society, while sharing the vision of your facility to encounter growth and expertise.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in providing oral care treatments for patients, conducted examination of head, neck, mouth, and gums for signs of oral diseases
  • Provided consultation on nutrition and oral hygiene, to support overall health
  • Cleaned accretions, teeth and gum stains, and calcareous deposits; experienced in the application of fluoride or sealants
  • Diagnosed and treated patients with oral cancer and infections pertaining to the lymph nodes
  • Diagnosed gum diseases and periodontal recessed gums, experienced in the placement and removal of periodontal dressings
  • Used various dental equipment and recent technologies in the placement and removal of matrices and rubber dams, including temporary restoration techniques
  • Experienced in the removal of excess cement and the application of cavity and decay preventing agents to teeth
  • Prepared crown molds, developed x-rays, and offered metal restorations for severe tooth cavities

Key Skills:

  • Certified Dental Assistant, with sound experience in dental prosthetics, proficient the removal of sutures
  • Expert in the maintenance of patient database for significant future reference
  • Experienced in disease screening and the application of protective sealants
  • Proficient in conducting oral cavity exams and providing appropriate preventive care
  • Experienced in schedule maintenance and the management of patient appointments and everyday transactions

Work Experience:

2010 - 2012
First Choice Dental - Madison, WI
Dental Hygienist - Family and Cosmetic delivery

2008 - 2010
Capitol Square Dental - Oregon, WI
Dental Assistant (Intern)


Completed 5 years bachelor's degree in dental care2007
Marquette University School of Dentistry - Milwaukee, WI
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

This website contains innumerable resume templates and free cover letter samples. Browse thoroughly to come across the best match for your profile. For the dental hygienist, this sample will solve all confusions and problems from applicants side.

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