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Chiropractor Resume

A resume is written for the purpose of making the recruiter aware of applicant's skills and expertise. An applicant possessing the required skills and knowledge of a chiropractor, and willing to pursue a career in the field must first construct a resume that dictates their proficiency in performing chiropractic procedures, and provide treatment to patients using chiropractic methods. Applicants applying for the post of a chiropractor must be well aware of what chiropractic work deals with.

A chiropractor is basically a medical practitioner who focuses on body's main physical structures such as skeleton, muscles, joints, nerves, etc. for treating patients with various types of ailments. A chiropractor's main aim is to make adjustment in the physical structure of the body for curing a disease or ailment, rather than using drugs for treating one. Although if the ailment is serious, and requires medication, they will surely refer the patient for seeking the required medical treatment. The resume of a chiropractor must be written appropriately, and the below mentioned, are some important tips that will help you in writing a chiropractor's resume.

Tips for writing chiropractor resume

  • Before writing any kind of resume, you must first do some on-line research on how to construct a resume appropriately. There are several websites that provide samples and layout designs that will surely help you in the framing of your resume.
  • Choose an appropriate format that fits the post, and matches your image appropriately. You can choose your format by looking at the various samples provided in the Internet.
  • You must maintain an official tone while writing the resume. It should not sound casual and informal.
  • The resume must be kept brief and compact, providing only those information that are relevant to the post.
  • You must write your skills and expertise properly, as it enables the recruiter to fully understand your eligibility for the post.
  • You must also write about professional history, and details like names of the firms you were previously engaged with, time period served in each organization, responsibilities handled, etc.
  • You must make sure that you draft a flawless resume to the recruiter, and therefore you must proof read your resume several times before actually drafting it.
By following the above rules, you will be able to present an excellent resume to the recruiter, that will surely increase the chances of job approval. Below is a sample resume of a chiropractor that will help you in understanding the technique involved in writing a better resume.

Sample Chiropractor Resume

Allen Harper
Charlie Harper Residence
3188 Malibu Beach
Brockton, MA 02401
Telephone: 202 8181232

Career Objective:

Looking forward to apply for the position of a chiropractor in a reputed organization, where I can use my skills and expertise to treat patients, and provide them the very best of chiropractic treatment.

Career Profile:

Possess a professional experience of 3 years in the chiropractic field, with expertise in treating various types of ailments using chiropractic procedures. Possess excellent patient management skills with good communication and polite behavior.

Summary of Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess professional experience of 3 years
  • Proficiency in determining the cause of ailment by examining the case history
  • Proficiency in conducting physical examinations, and examining x-ray reports
  • Expertise in adjusting joints and spine, and ability to correct joint dysfunction
  • Expertise in educating and advising patients on general health and healthy lifestyle matters
  • Excellent communication and behavioral skills

Professional History:

Firm: Star Line Medical Care
Post: Chiropractor Duration: January 2011 to February 2012


  • Offered various types of body manipulations for treating muscular and body ailments
  • Correcting body postures of physically challenged patients
  • Proper diagnosis of ailment, and designing of treatment program accordingly
  • Addressing patients through verbal talking and discussion procedures
  • Perform chiropractic procedures for treating various types of pain and muscle tension/discomfort
Firm: Holistic Spa and Health Care Center
Position Chiropractor
Duration: January 2009 to January 2011


  • Diagnosis of ailment through various medical procedures
  • Designing of proper treatment program after determining the cause of ailment
  • Assigned under various departments like pediatrics, sports, etc.
  • Educating patients on various health and lifestyle related matters essential for living a healthy life
  • Performed other types of duties successfully as assigned


  • Completed Graduation in Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic Studies from New York University, 2006
  • Diploma in Professional Chiropractics from Zensar Institute, 2008

Personal Interests:

Traveling, book reading, writing, etc.


I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.


Reference letter, resume, appreciation letter.

The above sample of chiropractor resume will surely help applicants in writing a better resume for their job application process. You must also follow the above mentioned tips and guidelines while writing your resume.
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