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Accommodation Manager Resume

An accommodation manager is employed to handle the responsibilities relating to stay at hotels, hospitals, housing associations, hostels, or homes run by the government. His/her major responsibilities relate to communication and administration of the available facilities according to the present situations. The position needs a highly energetic and extrovert person, who finds it easy to deal with business communications and finalization of the deals. In addition to this, he/she is required to take necessary care about the different services and safety measures offered at the location. Hence, while conveying professional sense and understanding of the work, the candidate needs to convey his/her extraordinary efficiency and management abilities to coordinate and integrate a set of different functions. Below, get a list of administration and facility maintenance services that he/she is in charge of. Write a well organized accommodation manager resume that demonstrates the key skills of the person with respect to the job specifications.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Planning and managing the organizational budget to ensure effective financial support
  • Controlling unwanted expenditure and ascertaining the required service assistance at the place
  • Corresponding with the key business relations and managing healthy customer relations with the parties
  • Inspecting the accommodation to ensure the expected hygiene and protection
  • Establishing and maintaining the service standards to manage public affairs

With a list of different managerial and organization tasks, he/she is looked as a responsible person, who solely deals with accommodation at the place. So, operational efficiency and tactical business communication is a must. With the increasing competition in the area, there is a huge demand for the person having excellent managerial sense and understanding to retain and enhance existing customer base.

With the sample accommodation manager resume discussed below, know the sections and details to be included in the professional resume. Be smart enough to get the employer's attention at the very first reading of the application. Surely, a well integrated resume can improve your possibilities of selection.

Sample Accommodation Manager Resume

Michael M. Lopez
2085 Jerry Toth Drive
Kasaan, AK 99901
Phone: 853-737-8273
Email Address:


With comprehensive communication skills and persuasive talent in dealing with online accommodations and booking, I am seeking an opportunity in the hotel industry to serve the customer queries and to offer them with highly efficient service support to deal with the managerial responsibilities in the area of accommodation and stay management.


  • Extensive business planning and execution of strategies
  • Correspondence and healthy management
  • Staff planning, training, and directional support
  • Professional business negotiations and delegation of conferences
  • Organization of training programs for newly joined employees at the place
  • Administration of online booking system and communications
  • In charge of the recreational facilities at the location


  • Customer service management and retailing
  • Excellent business communications with good interpersonal abilities
  • Skilled management and integration of departmental functions
  • Budget planning and execution
  • Team building and leadership skills
  • Extraordinary hospitality management

Technical skills:

  • Database Management
  • Graphic Designing Certification
  • Business Process Framework Certification


  • Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management level 5
  • Online specialization certificate course in Accommodation Operations and Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Alaska Pacific University, Alaska 2000
  • Accomplished a 6 months training program, providing training in travel and tourism management to get hands on practical training

Professional experience:

Role: Hotel and Hospitality Manager
Western Plaza Hotel and Tourism Inc. Kasaan, AK
Time: 2 Years

Role and responsibilities:

  • Designing and administration of operational marketing plans, serving the needs of the season
  • Making modern and commercial facilities available to the customer as per their demands
  • Managing goods and beverages as per the client needs and demands
  • Providing advanced professional restaurant food services, ensuring great value satisfaction
  • Ensuring good control systems and stores management, controlling unnecessary expenses

Role: Accommodation Manager
Alaska Hotel Industries Inc. Tampa, FL
Time: 3 Years

Role and responsibilities:

  • Investigated the customer queries and offered them with the required information about services and facilities provided
  • Inquired about the availability for the stay for the day and performed booking with telecommunication tools
  • Ensured excellent commercial catering support to manage food and beverages for the parties
  • Supervised and trained the staff with safety and security precautions to be carried out
  • Recorded and managed with customer complaints to provide efficient service support


  • Acknowledged for the excellent project demonstrations and presentations made during the international conferences, communicating the organizational services and plans for the customers
  • Achieved the target based performance award for excellent managerial sense and professional demonstrations of commercial development plan for the hotel business
  • Business excellence award in integrating innovative operational marketing plans


  • Hotel Association of Alaska
  • Membership, The European Hotel Management Association Professionals
  • Association of Hospitality Professionals, offering training in allied catering business to the members

Mobility and Flexibility:

Extensive industry understanding, expertise in dealing with critical industry issues, and business communication management service support makes it easy to react flexibly to commercialize present market opportunities.


With a declaration, hereby, I make statement, showing trustworthy and correctness of the information provided above.

Michael M. Lopez

While writing a professional accommodation manager resume, you need to clarify strong industry observations in dealing with business communications. Here, you need to state prior working performances in the area to deal with the industry specific management services. Bring consistency and relate your profile with the job. Communicate key managerial and tactical communication skills to convince the customers with extraordinary sense to handle situational difficulties with an expert strategic plans. Thus, while writing a resume sample, you may consider various experiences that communicate your industry exposure to react spontaneously to the market developments to overcome the competition.

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