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Vice President of Marketing Resume

The marketing vice president resume speaks of his professional background and expertise within the sector of marketing, highlighting all essential job roles that he has executed so far, down his career line. Besides, it also projects the candidate's professional interests and goals, with respect to the specifications of the job profile that you are seeking. The resume is not only a medium of communication that introduces the recruiter to your profile, but also acts as a great marketing tool that is capable of claiming the reader's confidence and win you the chance of an interview. You, as a potential competitor, must understand the company's vision before you start writing your resume. You need to make sure that you keep your resume employer-centered and present your profile with enhancement, so that it stands out amongst the crowd. It's indeed a good idea to talk to one of the recruiters from the company and get to know their expectations. Accordingly, pick only the most significant points that hold complete relevance to the employer's needs, and organize them to facilitate a uniform flow of information.

While stating your objective, make sure that you make optimal use of space. Construct brief yet highly informative sentences. Refer to the marketing vice president resume sample given below, and study the sentence formation. The objective, if framed skillfully will also act as a formal title to your profile, drawing the attention of the reader successfully. Now, as the example suggests, include a profile summary that showcases your professional background, summing up your experience within 7-8 bullet points. Bullets, we use for highlighting and to facilitate better and clearer visibility.

Immediately following your profile summary, include a key skills section consisting of 5-6 points, pertaining to the fundamental skill sets and managerial qualities that you possess. These two sections must portray your knowledge and expertise in marketing management. As shown in the sample resume below, try clubbing two important pieces of information into one short sentence, one bulleted point. The busy recruiter desires an easy and informative read, and you do him a favor by cutting down on general or insignificant information.

You may also add details pertaining to your accomplishments in a separate section following your educational details, or you may also keep it employer specific and include along with the base details of your previous employments. Shown below is a free sample of a marketing (vice president) resume. Study its layout carefully, and understand the arrangement of information. Pay close attention and you'll grasp the idea of customization. Refer to it, but entirely copying the contents of the sample will only result in an overly generic resume, which the recruiters normally come to know about and tend to reject such applications.

Sample Vice President of Marketing Resume

Kimberly A. Esquivel
3514 Lang Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(435) 856-0576


Vice President - Marketing, with over 13 years of experience in marketing, sales, and public relations, seeks an opportunity to further develop core marketing strategies and direct the application of multi-dimensional principles, for extensive growth and technological evolution.

Profile Summary:

    Developed, implemented, and managed the organization's marketing budget, designed metrics and quality standards for marketing functions Involved in strategic planning, market research, competitor analysis, corporate positioning, customer segment selection, and product positioning Developed and dictated standards and regulations to ensure and improve the efficiency overall marketing communications Sound experience in the management of marketing practices such as branding, advertising, white papers, corporate workshops, and grand promotional events Monitored the collection of primary research data, determined and reviewed product requirements, considering customer survey feedbacks Managed product launches, client workshops, and trade shows Overlooked sales training, implemented sales tools, monitored the efficiency of post-sales customer support Defined and dictated marketing programs for demand and lead generation, coordinated the identification and development of strategic alliances

Key Skills:

    Proficient in the administration of annual marketing budgets, and auditing financial records Experienced in the implementation of long term developmental initiatives High level of professional integrity, expert in the regulation of inter-departmental communication Strategically creative vision for innovation and evolution of the modern marketing concepts Familiar with the preparation and distribution of press releases In depth knowledge of product life cycle management and strategic pricing

Employment History:

Questar Corporation - Salt Lake City, UT
Vice President - Marketing
2008 - present

Virtuoise - Bountiful, UT
Head of Department - Marketing
2004 - 2008

Zions Comcast - Centerville, UT
Manager - Public Relations
2001 - 2003

LSA Capitol - Centerville, UT
Sales Executive/Supervisor 1997 - 2000


MS in Marketing Management
LDS Business College - Salt Lake City, UT
Placed in grade A

Bachelor of Business Administration
Utah State University
1996 Placed in grade A


Available upon request

Please remember to include an effective cover letter along with your resume. The website contains several free resume templates and cover letter samples. Browse carefully to come across the best match for your profile.

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