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Telemarketing Director Resume

A telemarketing director resume quantifies the candidate's ability to supervise and direct a team of tele-marketers, ensuring the delivery of optimum performance and customer service for satisfying outcomes. The resume acts as an effective tool for marketing your profile, so use your marketing skills here. The purpose of a job application is to promote your profile and establish a strong point of communication between you and the employer. It is essential to realize that although you need to use the resume to express your interests and capabilities, you need to keep it employer-centered, meaning that all the information projected in the resume should hold significance and specificity to the job requirements. Hence, contacting the company, or at least checking their website to get a brief idea of their vision and business activities, will certainly aid you in determining what to be included in your resume, and what needs to be avoided. Basically, all those details that bear no significance at this point in time is what you are to leave out.

Strategic organizing

Organizing the information onto a piece of paper might seem difficult; however, you are welcome to manipulate the structure and layout of a standard resume, unless it doesn't compromise its appeal. Properly customizing the layout according to your scenario will leave you with a great advantage. Know that the reader of your resume if an extremely busy recruiter, who has to go through hundreds of applications, to pick a select few for interviews and rounds. So, one best way to enhance the appearance and style of your resume is by substituting the previous job descriptions, which you normally include along with your employment history, with a profile summary, as shown below in the telemarketing director resume sample. Comprising of 6-8 bulleted points, this section clearly states your role as a telemarketing director, or one who is totally eligible for the position. Pick out the most general responsibilities, and include only those functions that are the most specific to what you are looking for.

Similarly, also include a key skills section which will indicate your strengths and professional qualities, within 5-6 bulleted points. It is recommended that you strategically club together 2-3 important points to be displayed as one short sentence. Keep every line unique. Avoid repetitive information and synonyms. Keep it simple, brief, and precise. That's all that is needed. You may also include the details of any rewards that you have earned so far, in a separate section highlighting your accomplishments, or you may mention them as your work experience, next to the employer in specific, using bullets for better visibility. Note that you don't need to provide references if the employer has not specified.

Given below is a free sample of telemarketing director resume, for your reference. Observe and study the layout carefully to grasp the essence of personalization and arrangement of information.

Kenneth D. Olds
4576 Pratt Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 904-8851


Telemarketing Manager with 5 years of experience in the sales of technical services, seeks an opportunity to further develop and implement strategic training programs and marketing principles, aimed at proliferating the business and sustaining the growth pace.

Profile Summary:

  • Developed process-driven sales workflow and call scripts for tele-marketers
  • Developed compensation plans and performance metrics, organized training structures and programs, and coordinated client workshops
  • Planned and implemented strategic marketing and sales principles, aimed at increasing the client base
  • Established and dictated performance and quality standards, set sales targets, and administered the productivity
  • Designed module structures for technical training, involved in continuous research pertaining to technology updates and new services
  • Responsible for the review and approval of reports pertaining to procurement of resources, sales, and other financial activities
  • Managed the overall operation of telemarketing department, including the regulation of staff turn over
  • Prepared partnership proposals that resulted in the establishment of major business relationships

Core Competencies:

  • Highly skilled marketing professional, with the ability to handle multiple projects
  • Excellent communication skills, proficient in quality control, strong principles for ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Proficient in the preparation and analysis of financial and statistical data
  • Expert in the management of technical sales, with excellent motivational and leadership skills
  • Efficient in task prioritizing, risk management, budget forecasting, taxation, and external audit process
  • High degree of involvement in the study of buyer's behavior and upcoming trends in technology
  • Sound experience in market research, competitor analysis, and targeting

Work Experience:

2007 - present
Zurion - Vancouver, WA
Telemarketing Manager

2004 - 2007
The Petra Group - Oregon City, WA
Team Lead

2000 - 2002
Alliance One - Oregon City, WA
Sr. Customer Sales Executive


MS in Marketing Management2004
Charter College - Salem, WA
Placed in grade B

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)2002
Columbia Gorge Community College
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

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