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Marketing Intern Resume

Marketing intern needs to get into a good organization to do his internship. There are several roles an intern has to play in an organization, during his internship period. These are:

  • Instituting a reseller program
  • Constructing alliance relationships and affiliate programs
  • Taking part in the media research, and involvement in brand management
  • Formatting newsletters of the company
  • Responsible for submitting in-house web requests
  • Preparing mailing lists
  • Establishing and managing the alliance programs
  • Screening and answering client's calls
  • Distributing of marketing materials to employees and customers

The interns are the junior level temporary employees, who are hired on stipend basis; they are not given any salary in their internship phase. A marketing intern is assigned the task of offering support to the company's activities pertaining to studying the market demand and transforming the customer's buying power into a great demand for a service, and drawing the attention of the customer towards such a service. Principally, this profile of a professional, executes administrative tasks to lend a helping hand to the marketing and sales team of the company.

Resume Sample

Alice Morris
1199, FGK lane
HJKL Housing


I aim to acquire a good and respectable position in my own specialization stream, in a multi-national company, where I can get to learn every new and advanced technological skill.

Educational Background:

Bachelors degree in Commerce, from the University of Australia
Management degree in Marketing, from the University of Australia

Career Achievement:

Have won the General Knowledge Olympiad
Have won the 'Best Project Award' in the College fest, on the topic of Organizational Behavior
Best Student of the University nomination, while pursuing Masters degree


I have done two more internships, and the details are provided below:

ASD Company
Designation: Intern
Duration: 3 months


  • Arrange project schedule, and manage projects to start on time
  • Assist marketing department to generate new customer leads
  • Assist Marketing Branch
  • Worked well in team environment, and produced quality self-determining work assignments.
  • Helped to make a decision in market research strategy
CGH Company
Designation: Intern
Duration: 7 months


  • Maintained good relationship with customers
  • Assisted Customers
  • Prepared Project Agenda
  • Helped in Market Research Policy
  • Assisted customers with purchases, and advised on profit of new credit purchases
  • Planned events for product promotions

Mr. David Merchant
Senior Accounts Manager
FGH Company,

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