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Transportation Manager Resume

A transportation manager resume describes applicant's skills and potential for working as a Transportation Manager. A Transportation Manager is an efficient organizer, looking after different types of work, related to transport like looking after routes of transport, managing dispatches, maintenance and repair of vehicle, keeping track of on-road vehicles, procurement procedures, etc. So applicants applying for the position of a Transport Manager must construct their resume in such manner, that it explains their ability to work for the post and handle its responsibilities appropriately.

One must know that other applicants will also apply for the same position, and the recruiter will be going through all the resumes before he selects a handful for personal interview. So in order to ensure that your resume gets approved, and your personal interview is guaranteed, you need to make sure that you submit a resume that is appropriate, as well as persuasive. There are certain rules and techniques which you must know for writing a proper resume, which are mentioned as under.

Tips for writing an appropriate transportation manager resume

Format: First of all, you need to select an appropriate format for constructing your resume. Formats are available on-line, and you could select one as per your need and requirement, and use it for writing your own resume. Selection of a good format is important, as it enables better organization and presentation of the resume.

Contact details: In the beginning of the resume, you must first write about your contact details. Write your proper name with postal address below. You should also write your email address and personal telephone number, as it will help the recruiter in contacting you, in case your resume is approved.

Objective: You should mention your objective behind joining the organization. Talk about how you will prove to be a better employee, by utilizing your knowledge and expertise while performing various operations that will in turn help in the progress of the firm.

Capitalize on you skills and achievements: Your best assets are your skills and achievements and therefore you need to demonstrate them efficiently in front of the recruiter. You should explain your skills and expertise with proper heading, and splitting it into several sections by using bulleted points. Make it easy to understand, and interpretable, so that even the most complicated terms can be understood easily. Professional details: Your professional experience counts and therefore you should give detailed picture of your previous work history by appropriate mentioning of the company's name and responsibilities performed.

Formal tone: You must use a formal tone while writing your resume, as it is meant to fulfill an official purpose. Make the content brief and short: Your resume must be to the point, and brief. It should not possess any material that is irrelevant to the post. No recruiter will show interest in reading a long resume, so it is of utter importance that you make it short and compact. Below is a sample of transportation manager resume, following which you will be able to write a perfect resume of your own.

Sample Transportation Manager resume

John A. Sliger
670 Emily Renzelli Boulevard
Monterey, CA 95940
Telephone: 123 38283882
Career Objective:

Looking forward to pursue a position as a Transportation Manager in a reputed organization where I can use my skills and expertise in transport management for the smooth working of the organization.

Career Profile:

I had the privilege to work with 2 prestigious organizations, where I was appointed as a Transportation Manager, providing round the clock transportation facilities to employees and clients. Possess excellent organizational and work management skills, with better communication and behavioral conduct.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Possess a professional experience of 4 years in the transportation manager section
  • Proficiency in using latest technology in determining the transport route
  • Expertise in keeping track of each and every vehicle
  • Troubleshooting and working on client complaints
  • Making better plans and programs for facilitating better transport facilities
  • Rich knowledge in official computer software and programs

Professional History:

Firm: Lexus Global Pvt. Ltd.
Designation: Transport manager
Duration: January 2010 to February 2012


  • Handled the transportation of 7000 employees on a daily basis
  • Preparing better programs for easy transport, that is low on cost
  • Communicating with clients for transport related matters
  • Recording and analyzing daily transport activities
  • Maintenance of vehicles

Firm: Agustin Industries
Designation: Transport Manager
Duration: January 2008 to December 2009


Responsible for providing better transportation facilities to clients associated with the firm Looking after safety procedures and maintenance of vehicles Developing new programs for cost optimization


Completed Bachelor in Arts from Baltimore College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, in 2006
Completed Schooling as a full timer from California International High School


I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.


Resume, appreciation letter, reference letter.

The above sample and tips provided for writing a transportation manager resume, will surely go a long way in providing better access to those who have difficulty in constructing their own resumes.

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