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Affiliate Marketing Manager Resume

An affiliate marketing manager resume aims to demonstrate your ability to develop and implement marketing affiliate strategies and programs, while projecting your expertise in marketing research, segmentation, field management, operations, and other associated functions. Your application, as the official medium for establishing connection with the employer, comprises of two essential documents, namely your resume and the cover letter, where the latter is reviewed first by any recruiter. The cover letter introduces the recruiter to your professional experience and qualities, and aims to express your longing for such an opportunity, while providing assurance of your contribution for the growth of the company. Whereas, the resume is a compact version, ideally constituting to a page's length, where enormous amount of information is reduced to showcase only the fundamentals, thus facilitating optimal reading experience.

The career objective

The sample of affiliate manager resume given below shows optimal space planning and arrangement of contents. As illustrated in the example, your resume should start with your contact details, followed by a career objective, which puts forth your career-related goals within one or two sentences. Besides connecting your interests to the vision of the employer, you need to incorporate essential elements pertaining to your professional qualification, such as your current designation, area of specialization or expertise, and the amount of experience, which gives it the feature of a title to your resume. In order to ensure that the objective is successful in gaining the reader's attention, it is recommended that you contact the company and get to know their needs, and discuss your interests and application with one of the recruiters. This will give you a clear idea as to what you need to include in your resume.

Leave out the mediocre elements

It is very important that your resume holds specificity and significance to your employment situation. All the details that you include in your resume should be in sync with the specifications of the job you're seeking, for which you may have to sacrifice some mundane contents. This includes the generic roles that you have played in your organization, or the commonplace skill sets that you possess. In the affiliate marketing manager resume sample, you'll notice that the employment history only comprises of the basic details of the employer, and the associated job descriptions are absent. This is because, they have been reduced to one short section referred to as the "profile summary."

Comprising of about 6-8 sentences, the summary brings together several aspects of your experience, which would appeal the most to the employer, based on his needs and interests. This is not only an effective strategy to enhance the value of your profile, but also helps the ever-busy recruiter by offering a short, yet highly informative reading experience.


Similarly, while stating your skills, include only those elements that match the requirements of the job profile you're seeking. Skip the general administrative or managerial skill sets, and focus only on what's most relevant here. You need to incorporate all of them into 5-6 points, which would require that you omit all the unwanted phrases, thus keeping it brief.

Active customization imparts a significant amount of personal appeal in your application, without which it will just be another generic application which is likely to disinterest the reader.

You may also include your accomplishments in the profile summary or in a separate section, following your educational details. References are to be included only if specified by the employer.

Affiliate Manager Resume Sample

Moriah P. Gray
4745 Drummond Street
Haledon, NJ 07508
(973) 238-5277


Affiliate Marketing Manager, with over 3 years of experience in the development and implementation of affiliate marketing programs, seeks an opportunity to share your company's vision and serve for innovation, and thus get to know the core of creative units and media placements.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in continuous recruitment of potential affiliates so as to increase distribution
  • Mediated between the marketing department and technical groups, to assess the performance of existing affiliate strategies
  • Conducted and monitored campaigns, knowing several phases of launch, as well as maintenance
  • Engaged in continuous research and analysis to keep updated of recent competitor activities and updates
  • Established and maintained business relationships with advertisers, affiliates, partners, and network providers, thus ensuring continuous improvement of performance of the internal affiliate programs
  • Deeply involved in extensive research pertaining to consumer behavior, target market analysis, and segmentation

Skills and Abilities:

  • In-depth knowledge of business expansion, updated knowledge of recent practices and ethics
  • Highly motivated, driven by innovation and optimization of performance
  • Excellent leadership skills, proficient in stress management and risk assessment
  • Efficient in assessing individual performance and delegating responsibilities accordingly
  • Sound knowledge of budget planning, ensuring precision and efficiency in their implementation

Work Experience:

2009 - 2012
ILF Gradient Corp. - Paterson, NJ
Affiliate Marketing Manager

2005 - 2009
Rightway Road Vision - Paterson, NJ
Marketing Head (Joined as an executive)


PG Diploma in Marketing Management
Harp Academy - Paterson, NJ
Placed in grade B+

Bachelor of Business Management, 2004
Berkeley College - Paterson, NJ
Placed in grade B


Available on request

The above sample resume for an affiliate marketing manager will guide you through the seemingly tedious task of preparing your job application. Take tips in the arrangement of contents, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the flow of information. The website contains several resume templates and cover letter samples for your reference. Browse carefully to find the best match for your profile.

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