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Security Manager Resume

Security manager resume sample can be referred by aspiring candidates to draft an inciting and professional resume for presenting their candidature for the Security Manager job position. The job profile of a security manager involves high sense of responsibility and honesty. S/he is entrusted with responsibility to safeguard organizations valuable assets. Whether intellectual or physical, all assets in an organization need to be protected from any misuse or harm, as may be caused by internal or external factors.

To draft an striking security manager resume, candidates should refer to job description given by the employers, which would help them to identify the desired skill-sets, and then present their candidature appropriately, for maximum impact. Considering that the resume and cover letter play significant role in creating the first impression, they must be drafted with due care, giving attention all fine details, for wining the interview call.

The sample security manager resume, given below, illustrates how a simple formal resume layout can be used for grabbing employers' attention and promoting the candidature effectively. The key lies in keeping the resume simple, attractive, legible and optimized. An optimized resume is the one which has skill-sets highlighted appropriately, and is targeted towards employers' requirements. Such a resume would be effective in inciting the employers to call the candidate for the interview. This also calls for due attention to resume cover letter as well for an holistic approach towards candidature promotion. For making the security manager unique and personalized, candidates can also include personal ideas while customizing the sample resume. It should be taken care of that the professional standards are adhered to while incorporating such ideas. Candidates can also refer to more such resume examples, for different layout options, and more ideas, but limiting themselves to the industry trends and professional standards.

Sample Security Manager Resume
(For opening in an IT company)

James C. Connelly
4960 Richards Avenue
California - 95204
Tel: (209) 940 0796

Career Goal:

Looking for a challenging opportunity to work as a Security Manager with an IT company, with opportunities to bring my skills-sets and experience to effective use, and help the organization to address its security concerns, and provide its customers and employees a secure environment.

Career Summary:

An experienced security supervisor, with 10 years of experience and comprehensive exposure to managerial responsibilities, I have successfully managed a team of 25 -20 security officers, and helped maintain a secure and safe environment for employees to work efficiently.

Work Experience:

Assistant Security Manager
STAR Security Services Pvt. Ltd., Los Feliz Blvd., Torrance, CA
Client: Delta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(2008 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assign daily duties and work areas to the security officers
  • Personally inspect all sites
  • Monitor the CC TV from the control room
  • Train the security officers for handling security breach or pilferage incidents
  • Coordinate with Security Manager for developing on-site security plans
  • Develop personnel movement plan in coordination with the management
  • Assign access cards to visitors and clients
  • Personally monitor the screening of all staff at the time of shift closure and opening
  • Maintain a record of items issued and collected from the office
  • Conduct mock drills and training sessions for security staff and other personnels
  • Monitor the on duty performance of security staff
  • Coordinate with head office for security staff welfare and other incentive plans

Security Supervisor
STAR Security Services Pvt. Ltd., Los Feliz Blvd., Torrance, CA
Client: Tech-Wire Communications Pvt. Ltd.
(2005 - 2008)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the on-duty security officers
  • Monitor all traffic in and around the secure areas from the control room
  • Check the functionality of all CC TV cameras regularly
  • Personally inspect all sites where security officers are deputed
  • Delegate the work area and responsibilities to on duty security officers
  • Develop training plans and modules for new security staff
  • Coordinate with Security Manager for developing the security plans for the site
  • Personally supervise at the high secure areas

Security Officer
SHARP Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Empire St., Fairfield, CA
Client: Delta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(2002 - 2005)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Adhere to daily duties and responsible for security of the delegated work area
  • Personally inspect the sites and patrol it regularly
  • Coordinate with other team members for over all security of the establishment
  • Attend to emergency calls
  • Inspect all items and personnel crossing in and out of the area personally

Professional skills:

  • Security planning and development of tactical plans
  • MS Office expertise
  • Quick decision making ability
  • Motivational and leadership skills


Reference would be provided on prior request.

Candidates must note that for the profile of a security manger, the type of industry is not the core selection criterion, but an preferred skill-set. The desired skills would include job responsibilities held, and personal attributes such as honesty, discipline, etc.

The security manger resume example given above can be used for drafting resume for job opening of Security Manager in other industry as well.

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