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Police Sergeant Resume

Police Sergeant Resume sample provided in this section can be referred by candidates for drafting professional and effective resumes, which can have desired impact, and yield favorable result. The aim of drafting a resume is to present one's candidature in a professional and inciting manner, and to win the interview call. Thus, a resume should be able to bridge the gap between the actual and desired candidate profile.

The same can be achieved through a simple, attractive and formal police sergeant resume. For assistance, we have provided a sample police officer resume for a candidate with experience. The same resume can also be referred by freshers. However, inexperienced candidates should make necessary changes, for better relevancy. These would include following aspects.

Changes in police sergeant resume for inexperienced/fresher candidates

  • Career synopsis is not required
  • Work experience can be replaced with trainings and internships
  • Academic qualifications come prior to experience
  • References, if provided, can have additional advantage
  • Additional details such as awards and achievements, interests and hobbies, etc. can be included for gaining advantage
These changes if made in the police officer resume example given below, would make it suitable for inexperienced candidates as well.

Sample Police Sergeant Resume

Victor S. Samuels
2507 Cook Hill Road
East Haven
Connecticut - 06512
Tel: (203) 467 4076

Career Objective:

To work in a challenging environment as a police officer, with opportunities to explore my skill-sets, and use them for the benefit of community.

Career Summary:

An experienced security officer with 9 years of on field experience, I have worked with renowned security firms, under various profiles, and executed assigned tasks successfully. Wide exposure gained includes assignments such as VIP security, case investigation, corporate and organizational security solutions and private security services.

Professional Experience:

Police Officer
State Police Internal Affairs Department, Westcott Rd., Danielson, CT
(2007 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To follow instructions given by senior or commanding officers
  • Responsible for training and monitoring the performance of sub ordinates
  • To lead the team, when on a project/mission
  • Maintain record of all cases undertaken, and the outcome
  • Ensure safe custody of evidences and legal documents collected during investigation, to be presented before the judge during the case hearing
  • Allocate duties and responsibilities to subordinates to subordinates, and plan their shifts
  • To ensure that citizens in the locality are provided with safe and secure environment
  • Patrol the area for suspicious activities
  • Monitor the performance of office workers and police officers to keep a check on unsolicited activities
  • Conduct internal investigations for graft charges, undue favors, nepotism, etc.
  • Coordinate with external investigating agencies for addressing issues related to national security
  • To organize and participate in community drives for public awareness
  • Plan and execute security arrangements for VIP gusts and special programs/activities
  • Assist in organizing recruitment drive
  • To ensure established procedures and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are observed
  • To make sure all necessary facilities at office are in working condition
  • Keep a track on all emergency or rescue calls, and coordinate with associated agencies, such as fire team, medical care team, etc.

Assistant Sergeant
Cromwell Police Dept., 5 West St., Cromwell, CT
(2003 - 2007)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Obey instructions given by superiors
  • Adhere to procedures and guidelines established
  • To record complaints (FIR - First Information Report) from citizens or victims
  • Investigate cases
  • Keep record of all reports in a systematic manner
  • Responsible for maintenance of all equipment used in the office
  • Keep all weapons and tools in a serviceable condition
  • Securely deposit all evidences in the collection room
  • Attend to all calls and provide necessary assistance or information
  • Coordinate with external agencies for sharing crucial information
  • Maintain confidentiality of all matters under the authority of the departments
  • Organize awareness campaigns for community awareness programs
  • Keep the surroundings clean, hygienic and secure
  • Arrest suspects, convicts, and frame appropriate charges against them
  • Keep a track of daily activities, and report them in suitable format

Professional Skills:

  • MS Office expertise
  • EPABX (Electronic automated private branch exchange) functionality
  • Analytical skills
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Meticulous work approach
  • License for carrying arms and ammunitions
  • Communication skills

Personal skills:

  • Well built physics
  • Enduring stamina
  • 6/6 eye sight
  • Medically fit
  • Industrious
  • Honest and disciplined

Academic Qualifications:

B.Sc (Law Enforcement)
Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT
(2000 - 2003)

High School Diploma in Police Studies
Riverside Dr., East Hartford, CT
(1998 - 2000)


Suitable references would be provided on prior request.


I confirm that the details shared above are correct in all aspects, and can be supported with appropriate documented proofs, if required.

Name: Victor S. Samuels
Signature: ####Date: April 10, 2012Place: East Haven, TN

We hope the police sergeant resume example and the customization tips, would help candidates draft a promising candidature and draft a professional resume for police officer job application.

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