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Nursing Internship Resume

Resume resume for nursing are crucial part of the application process for gaining relevant experience. For careers in nursing, engineering, hospitality, etc., fields which require primary practical working knowledge, internships are given due importance by the employers. It ensures that the candidate would be able to adapt to the new environment quickly and effectively, and would be able to grasp concepts.

Practical experience in any field is always recommended, and for the same reason, even educational institutes lay emphasis on training. Most course structures include internship as a mandatory part of the curriculum, and students are required to successfully complete them, for gaining relative expertise and developing basic skill-sets. Laboratories in schools, practical classes, etc., are all part of efforts to ensure students are able to relate theoretical concepts to the actual situation. Thus, it becomes important to train at organizations which can provide the best of relevant experience, and help candidates master the skill-sets. To win such a learning opportunity, a nursing internship resume is the ideal tool, which can not only share relevant skill-sets, but do so in a professional manner, casting a favorable positive impression.

To help nursing students draft an effective and professional resume, we have shared nursing internship resume sample below, which highlights necessary skill-sets required, and professional way of presenting them. Acknowledging that students would be drafting the resume for the first time, we have kept the sample nursing internship resume simple, ideal for quick customization. Personal ideas can always be incorporated for imparting the resume a personalized and unique look.

Sample Nursing Internship Resume
(For a General Registered Nurse (R.N.))

Kath B. Young
1211 Maxwell Street
Connecticut - 06103
Tel: (860) 737 2219

Career Objective:

In quest for a challenging internship opportunity where I can get adequate exposure to the best of nursing practices and procedures, and explore my skill-sets for growing as a professional, and contribute towards organization growth by delivering professional services.

Academic Qualifications:

Course: MNSc (Master of Nursing Science)
Year: 2010 - 2012 (part time)
Institute: Danbury College of Nursing, Main St., Ste 304, Danbury, CT

Course: BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing)
Year: 2007 - 2010
Institute: Remington Medical College, Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford, CT

Professional Experience:

Assistant Nurse (part time)
(2010 to till date)
Four Winds Hospital, Gaylord Farm Rd., Wallingford, CT

Job Responsibilities

  • To assist senior nurse with daily responsibilities
  • Clean and change patients beds and other supplies
  • Assist patients with mundane activities
  • Administer medications as prescribed by doctors
  • Follow up on medical check up and entire treatment process
  • Maintain record of all medications and test reports
  • Regularly monitor vital stats of all patients
  • Coordinate among different departments for complete treatment process
  • Ensure prescribed guidelines are followed by everyone, patients and visitors
  • Collect necessary samples for tests and send them for analysis, and collect the reports appropriately
  • Counsel patients
  • Assist and regulate patients at the reception
  • Attend to all calls and provide relevant information

(July, 2009 - January, 2010)
(As part of BSN Curriculum, mandatory 6 months internship)
Breadforth Health Services, Main St., Middlefield, CT

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Worked in general care and isolation care wards
  • Assisted nursing assistants in monitoring and recording vital stats of in-house patients
  • Regulated patient movement at the reception
  • Administered first aid to patients, if required
  • Dispensed medicines to patients as prescribed by doctor
  • Helped disabled patients to carry out mundane activities
  • Maintained cleanliness and hygiene at the work place and the ward
  • Helped nursing assistants in filing patient records and reports
  • Was responsible for collecting test samples and submitting the at laboratory for analysis, and to collect reports and file them in respective patient's medical files
  • To ensure are discharge formalities are completed, before releasing any patient
  • Performed necessary checklist of tasks, before admitting any patient
  • Helped patients with recreational and entertainment activities
  • Made sure that prescribed safety and hygiene standards are followed at all times by everyone, visitors and patients
  • Helped catering staff in delivering prescribed meals to patients

Professional skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of First aid, and ability to administer the same
  • Awareness of various operational requirements in a hospital, and the involved processes
  • Knowledge of medical terminologies and general medications
  • Ability to operate various nursing care equipment
  • Expertise over preliminary check up processes
  • Hospitality skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Quick decision making ability
  • Pleasant personality

Awards and achievements:

  • Awarded as best trainee at Breadforth Health Services
  • First in academics for the year 2010, for BSN course


Viola S. Fernandez
(Case Manager)
Four Winds Hospital
Gaylord Farm Rd.
Connecticut - 06110
Tel: (860) 701 4131


I, confirm that the details shared above are true and correct in all aspects, and if found wrong, can result in termination of my candidature.

Name: Kath B. Young
Signature: ####Date: March 30, 2012Place: Hartford, CT

From the nursing internship resume example shared above, candidates can retrieve necessary information required for drafting a professional resume, and present an inciting candidature. Personal ideas too can be included for effective personalization. We wish all applicants success in drafting a job wining nursing internship resume.

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