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MBA Internship Resume

Students pursuing post graduation courses can refer to the sample MBA internship resume for information on resume writing styles, and things to be taken care of while drafting a resume. The sample resume shared on this page highlights necessary credentials which can be shared in a resume for winning an internship opportunity. There are possibilities of interns being absorbed as full time employees as well, after completion of their education, if they perform well during the training. Winning an internship opportunity to a much extent takes care of placement worries too, as a student with prior experience has the advantage over others, when it comes to adaptation, implementation, and learning abilities.

For MBA students internships are crucial, for understanding of practical implementation of the concepts, and the real life difficulties faced in doing so. Irrespective of specialization one opts for, MBA students with working experience are always preferred by companies, when it comes to hiring process, and the same should be effectively highlighted in the MBA internship resume as well. An internship brings out the best in a student, by helping him/her to identify his/her personal strengths and weaknesses, and gives an opportunity to improve on the same. After learning the vest theories in the classrooms, it becomes important for MBA students to be able to relate them to real life scenarios, and apply them effectively. However, real parameters do not remain same always, and it every time requires new strategies to resolve bottlenecks. This, however, can be learned, not in classroom, but on field, making internship crucial.

While referring to the MBA internship resume sample given below, students are advised to make necessary changes, for true portrayal of professionalism. A personalized resume is always better than a copied resume, and is even easy to justify during the interview. Resume elements which must be taken care of while customization are language, credentials, categorization of details, layout, uniformity, etc. For details, applicants can refer to MBA internship resume below.

MBA Internship Resume Sample
(For a marketing student)

Arlene L. White
1881 Thrash trail
Big Sandy
Texas - 75755
Tel: (903) 636 4584

Career Objectives:

Looking for an internship opportunity to gain practical exposure to marketing environment in the retail sector, with opportunities to explore and implement skill-sets, for personal professional growth and organizational growth.

Academic Qualifications:

Course: MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in Marketing
Year: 2010 - till date (to be completed in May, 2012)
Institute: Amarillo Business College, Polk St., Amarillo, TX

Course: B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
Year: 2007 - 2010
Institute: Milan Institute of Commerce, Hickory St., Abilene, TX

Professional Experience (Trainings and internships):

(90 days winter training as part of MBA curriculum)
ECAR Marketing LLC., Walnut Hill Ln., Dallas, TX
(November, 2011 - February, 2012)

Professional Exposure:

  • Visit clients for sales query
  • Cold calling in assigned areas
  • Area mapping
  • Attend to calls from clients inquiring about products and services
  • Tele-marketing
  • File the records of area mapping and cold calling, and update the central database
  • Report to team leader with the daily activities report
  • Plan strategies for achieving assigned targets, to be reviewed by team leader
  • Attend training sessions
  • Conduct product demonstrations
  • Represent company in seminars and marketing events
  • Coordinate with vendors for supply and distribution of products

Associate Marketing Executive
(Part time)
Cactus Distribution Inc., Gehrig Cir, Burleson, TX
(April, 2010 - September, 2010)

Professional Exposure:

  • Responsible for meeting vendors and taking prior orders from them
  • Ensure on time delivery of supplies to vendors and retail distributors
  • Visit POS (Point Of Sales) and ensure organizational policies are adhered to by shop owner, such as display of merchandise, storage, handling precautions, etc.
  • Responsible for meeting assigned targets
  • To provide relevant information to clients and customers inquiring about products and services
  • Visit stores for taking inventory stock
  • Maintain daily record of stock in transition
  • Coordinate with distributors and logistics department for supply of products
  • Promote various promotional events across all stores
  • Responsible for mapping the assigned market area, and cold calling for making new contacts, and ensuring extensive, market coverage

Professional Skills:

  • In depth market (Texas) knowledge, geographic distribution and competitors
  • Product knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge of retail distribution system and its operations
  • Communication knowledge
  • Negotiation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Meticulous work approach
  • Quick decision making ability


Mr. Charles N. Smith
(Marketing Manager)
Cactus Distribution Inc.
Gehrig Cir
Texas - 75704
Tel: (903) 601 4721


I, hereby, acknowledge that the credentials shared above by me are true and correct in all aspects.

Name: Arlene L. White
Signature: ####Date: April 01, 2012Place: Big Sandy, TX

Candidates can further include details such as grades, awards and achievements, etc., which can further optimize the selection chances. However, grades should be included if they are worth sharing or if asked by the employers.

We hope the information provided through the above given MBA internship resume example would be helpful for candidates in presenting a professional candidature before the selectors, and win the much desired interview call.

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