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Sales Employee Relation Resume

Job Description:

Sales employee relation officer is involved in maintaining good relationship between an employer and an employee that contribute to the satisfactory, productivity, motivation and morale and look after sales division of the establishment. The main responsibility is to resolve the issues and problems that arise, that may affect the very nature of work situations.

The sales employee relation officer is responsible to correct the erring employees and to provide advice to the supervisors on how to correct the poor performance and an employee misconduct. The person looking after the sales employee relation should take progressive and disciplinary measures in enforcing discipline among the staff.

He has to manage the employee relations programmes that are connected with recruitment, compensation, disciplinary proceedings against employees charged with misbehaviour, resolving all kind of problems and arranging for counselling. The foremost responsibility is to screen the visitors who are entering and leaving the premises.

The sales employee relation officer is responsible to look into the grievances of the employees and resolve them to the satisfaction of the employees as well as the management. They have to make the employees understand the goals and policies of the management. It is the responsibility of the sales employee relation official to protect the interests of the employees.

Example of Resume

Corey K
4699, Rowes Lane
Madisonville KY-42431

Job Objective:

To get the position of a Sales Employee Relation Officer that involves in maintaining good rapport with the employees in a reputed organisation.

Work Experience:

  • I am working as a security guard in a company in New York and I have put up five years experience
  • To inspect, monitor, control and patrol work sites given area and location, assigned properties, and or people
  • To keep a record on incidents that happened during my work time
  • Worked with a firm dealing with internet business from the year 2002 to 2007
  • To help the customers to select and buy merchandise
  • Selected items to be put into the website inventory
  • In order to improve marketability, I used to adjust prices of commodities effectively
  • Looking after the major work of promoting and advertising the products and services in website for wide publicity

I have also worked as a child care provider from the year 1998 to 2002.

  • During my tenure, I have kept records of inventory and supplies
  • I was given the responsibility of managing the finance and I did the work effectively and sincerely to the satisfaction of the management
  • The safety of the children was my priority concern and I provided a clean and safe environment to the children under my custody


I have passed the high school diploma and I possess 8 and 16 hour annual security certificate and NYS security guard license.


  • Good customer service and communication skills
  • Self motivator
  • Good listener and can work under pressure
  • Target driven
  • Good hospitality

Finally, I would like to say that in view of my varied experience in different fields, I can manage any situation and use my experience to the best effect possible. I am sure that I shall contribute my mite to the growth of the company.

Will be provided upon request.

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