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Fire Support Specialist Resume

A fire support specialist resume is written by an artillery expert whose job it is to, in war and other operations, provide arms and ammunition support to the teams by planning and maneuvering resources in a well thought out manner. They are particularly placed under the job title 13F, which in army is the core in which these people are enlisted.

Duties of a fire support specialist will include:

  • Establish and maintain communication operations with different teams during a war or mission.
  • Encode the outgoing messages to protect the information from getting intercepted by the enemy radio signals and decoding the enemy transmissions for getting secret information for using it to the team's advantage.
  • Determining the locations to place heavy artillery like rockets and missiles, and using laser mapping to identify the enemy hotspots and danger zones.
  • Operating the night operations support equipment to guide the soldiers correctly.

A person in such a job must be highly skilled at handling such technical equipment and must be attentive at all times to handle the responsibilities of operations support because so many soldiers are depending on him for technical and fire arms support.

Some requirements to become 13F personnel are as follows:

  • You have to have a perfect eye sight of 20/20.
  • You need to be of American nationality.
  • You must have passed the army physical test successfully, with a score of 111,111 in every body part assessment. Your stamina, hearing capacity and psychiatric health will also be of core importance in these tests.
  • One has to clear the field artillery aptitude test to clear the selection process

Now coming to the resume writing part, one must be very accurate and consistent in designing the information flow and nature of information that he wants to put into it. Since, this one is for seeking a job in the armed forces, you will have to be very professional and careful about what you write and how you write. Strict emphasize will have to be given to the language that you use here; while the resume can contain technical jargons, it should not assume, due to overemphasize on these details, the form of a technical brochure. You still have to stick to simple language. Following is a sample resume for your reference. Notice all the small aspects of its style and formatting.

Fire Support Specialist Resume Sample

Russell Brooks
31st North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To participate actively in all the missions of my battalion and provide all kinds of fire support operations from receiving and sending messages to planning and executing artillery support and assault.

Profile Summary

  • Scored 89 on 100 in the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB); did exceptionally well in the electronics information and object assembly sections.
  • Student at the Military School of Engineering, New Orleans and specializing in artillery.
  • Complete knowledge, through field duties with the Marines, in battlefield tactics.
  • Worked extensively in the peace area field operation exercise and served as the fire support engineer to the team.
  • Trained in arms and ammunition; worked on developing the long range missile systems interface.

Skills Summary

  • Skillful at operating the rocket and long-range missile interface; excellent at navigation systems and thermal scanning of an area for detecting hidden enemies and weaponry
  • Good at electrical work for repairing machine malfunction in the middle of an operation.
  • Ability to think clearly and stay calm even under the most pressurizing situations.
  • Excellent team spirit and ability to work smoothly in a team with all kinds of people.
  • Ability to take initiatives to secure the given objectives
  • good at radio operations- encoding and decoding transmissions
  • Intercepting enemy signals and decoding them to acquire secret intelligence.

Work Experience

XYZ Operation
Fire Support Trainee-2011

  • Was on a training mission with the Marine force at the Marine Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Set up communications network and operated the systems interface.
  • Prepared the fire support plans with the fire support specialist and executed the plan accordingly.
  • Learnt to operate laser devices.
  • Operated radar equipment and alerted the base of any airspace interference.


  • Pursuing a course in Artillery and Field Tactics, Military School of Engineering, New Orleans
  • Did masters in Electronic Engineering from Stanford University, 2010
  • Completed bachelor's degree in Applied Physics, University of Stanford, 2008
  • Robert Blake High School, 2005


In bullet point format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.

This is how a fire support specialist resume is written. Bear in mind, this is the resume of a potential support specialist who is still in the last year of his military education and is looking to join the army and assist the artillery team in planning and executing attacks on the enemies. This resume, thus stresses much on the training and academics part, as such a candidate cannot have much of work experience. But this lack of experience has been substituted by the information regarding his training with the Marines and his skills in missile and rocket operations interface. Also, the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is conducted by the state defense liaison's department in schools and colleges as an initiative to recruit young men in the forces. So, understandably, such students can't be expected to have any practical experience of tactics and arms. Everything depends on the subsequent training after the selection. Notice, that this sample doesn't contain even one irrelevant point throughout its body and also covers all the necessary points along with technical details. This is the kind of resume that a reader would like to read- a good mix of technicality and simplicity, yet rich in information. Also, please proofread it once you are done writing in order to eliminate any chances of a single error in the typo or factual detail. Preparing an absolutely error-free resume will work in your favor as the reader will get to see a clean and immaculate resume with neatly arranged sections and headings. So, take care while writing and all the best for selection.

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