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Fire Fighter Resume

Besides performing rescuing operations, a fire fighter has to clean and check the site after the incident. A fire fighter is expected to be familiar with the roads, buildings and other local areas. He is also required to maintain fire engine and other fire fighting equipment. A fire fighter must also be hundred percent physically fit to carry out operations.

A fire fighter has to perform outstanding duties in saving lives and properties of individuals and other public properties. He must be always ready to attend to emergency calls, including structure fires, wild land fires, accidents and any type of emergency needs. A fire fighter has also to respond to automatic fire alarms. He is also required to inspect the buildings for maintaining fire fighting equipment, fire alarms, etc. and provide necessary instructions.

A fire fighter must be aware of providing first aid to the injured in accidents before the victim is transported to the hospital for further treatment. He has to climb to the upper storeys of sky high buildings to save people, who are caught in the fire or in any accident. A fire fighter must be able to drive fire engines and other vehicles and operate fire fighting equipment.

Michael C
228, Coal Road
Phone: 707-784-4934

Job Objective:

As an experienced person in fire suppression activities, I am looking for the position of a Fire Fighter in a reputed fire fighting company.

Summary of Skills Possessed:

  • Have the ability to work at heights.
  • Have proficiency in English.
  • Possess deep knowledge of fire fighting equipment and operations and fire fighting practices and principles.
  • Have the ability to swing into actions and take decisions during emergency situations.
  • Thorough with fire science technology and fire fighting technologies and can train the juniors in this regard.
  • Have great capacity and specially trained in evacuating people who are trapped by flames or other obstacles with minimum or no injuries.
  • Have the ability to provide first aid to the injured people.
  • Possess good knowledge in answering emergency response, general healthcare and training standards.

Professional Experience:

Present Position: Fire Fighter
Company: ABC Fire Fighters, Toledo, OH
Period: November, 2010 to till date


  • Responsible for receiving the emergency calls.
  • Responsible for getting ready all the fire fighting equipment and fire engine to attend any emergency call.
  • Responsible for readying the fire engine filled with water, sand bags and gas.
  • Have inspected the buildings with the fire inspector and ensured conformity about installation of fire fighting extinguishers and other equipment according to fire safety codes.
  • Have provided emergency medical services, when the situation demanded.
  • In charge of report preparations, by collecting and compiling information and relevant papers from several sources.
  • In case of emergency and major incidents of disaster, have performed searches and rescue operations and provided emergency medical care to the needy people.
  • Verified the stock position and ensured that there is always enough fire fighting tools and equipment and if necessary, ordered for the supplies of them.

Professional Experience:

Position: Fire Fighter
Company: XYZ fire fighters, Chicago, IL
Period: January, 2005, to October, 2010

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Had arranged for training to the staff, as directed by the training division, conducted special projects and completed the tasks assigned by the management.
  • Arranged for training classes to the people and students of the local area and trained them how to act during a fire accident, how to avoid fire burst, how to put up fire using fire extinguishers and other available equipment and about first aid to be given to the injured.
  • While on duty, have responded to fire alarms and visited the spot to enquire about fire accident, if any.
  • Had positioned the ladders to reach maximum height in case of fire in multi-storeyed buildings.
  • Apart from fire accidents, have acted swiftly to save the people, who were caught in any other road accidents, building collapse or the like.


I have a Master's degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from a University in Boston.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from University in Boston.


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