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Vice President of Administration and Finance Resume

Vice President of Administration and Finance resume sample highlights the key skill-sets and job responsibilities associated with the given job profile, which a candidate is desired to possess and fulfill, so as to meet the eligibility criteria. Depending upon the relevant experience and knowledge a person has, the details in the resume should be selectively chosen and shared.

While drafting a resume for higher managerial level positions such as a vice president of administration and finance resume, it required careful consideration of all minute aspects to ensure that the desired message is conveyed as intended and in a professional manner. If referring to the example resume given below, candidates are advised to make necessary changes, as the same designation can have different job profiles, depending upon the type and size of organization, and as per every organization's individual policies. Even the vice versa is also possible, where in different designations can have same job profile. In such cases, to ensure that the resume is able to promote a candidate's candidature effectively, and target employers' requirements precisely, candidates are always advised to refer to the specific job description given by the employers.

The job description is an effective tool to judge one's aptitude for the given job profile, and to present one's candidature strategically. Considering the information which can be retrieved from the job description, candidates can use their vice president of administration and finance resume as a marketing platform to promote their candidature by selectively highlighting the desired skill-sets. The same information can also be used for preparing answers to commonly asked interview questions which would give the necessary boost to the self confidence, and enhance the selection chances.

Vice president of administration and finance resume sample
(A resume for multiple set of responsibilities)

Shanon P. Steed
1644 Lynn Street
Massachusetts - 02141
United States
Tel: (617) 315 2462

Career goal

To lead the finance and administrative department of a multinational organization, and help it streamline its processes for effective and enhanced productivity, and accomplishment of organizational goals.

Professional Summary

Working in the industry for the past 10 years, I have successfully handled responsibilities to effectively lead a team of finance professionals. I have also held joint responsibility of managing administrative department, and have ensured smooth and professional of business processes, with efficient inter department coordination.

Work Experience

Finance Director (with additional responsibility of Administrative department)
(2008 - till date)
Direct Finance Corp., 439 E Washington St., North Attleborough, MA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Direct and manage the finance policies of entire organization
  • Define SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and set the bench marks
  • Coordinate with Chief Finance Officer for dealing with issues and developing counter strategies
  • Responsible for developing agreement and contract policies
  • To ensure that budgeted results are achieved
  • Monitor the work of Accounts Controller
  • Coordinate with Tax Officer for on-time payment of all taxes
  • Plan and over see audit cycles and processes
  • Manpower planning for the financial year
  • Ensure that departmental goals are met and targets achieved
  • Ensure that proper communication channels are followed through out the organization
  • Ensure that meetings are scheduled an organized as per the plan
  • Examine and keep track of employee attendance
  • Responsible for back office work and supervising the staff
  • Ensure all queries are answered promptly and satisfactorily
  • Supervise the operations of departments such as canteen, reception, and administrative departments
Director of Finance
(2004 - 2008)
Leominster Finance Corp., 7S Walter St., Leominster, MA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for entire finance department operations
  • To plan for work-force requirements of the department
  • Plan the departmental budget
  • Develop cost estimates and forecast the expenditures
  • Sanction all expenditures and monitor the utilization of funds
  • Coordinate with other department heads for achieving organizational objectives
  • Evaluate and develop training plans for the staff
  • Responsible for performance appraisal of all employees
  • Assist President of Finance services in framing policies and procedures
  • To meet with clients and establish the credit limits and other transactional clauses
  • To represent the organization in public and professional meetings
Finance and Administrative Manager
(2006 - 2008)
Leominster Finance Corp., 7S Walter St., Leominster, MA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Execution of financial policies
  • Preparing training plans and modules for employees
  • Manage and supervise daily administrative activities
  • Maintain record of all financial expenditures
  • Ensure efficient interdepartmental communication
  • Ensure SOPs are adhered to by all employees
  • Responsible for quality of services by administrative staff
  • Identify operational requirements of all departments and provide necessary items/supplies
  • Responsible for managing administrative office budget
Academic Qualifications

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with specialization in Finance (2004 - 2006)
Capella University, Federal St., Andover, MA
BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration)
(2001 - 2004)
Keller Graduate Business School, Wilbraham Rd., Springfield, MA


References would be provided on prior request.

Candidates can further add additional details such as awards, professional skills, declaration, memberships, etc. if they are supportive to candidature, and can be of competitive advantage.

With the information shared above through the vice President of Administration and Finance resume example, we hope candidate would be able to draft an effective vice president of administration and finance resume.

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