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Field Investigator Resume

A Field Investigator, as the name suggests is a person responsible for investigating and gathering adequate evidences, to help prove one's point, one's authenticity, etc. Also known as Private Investigators, they work for corporations, law enforcement agency, and individual clients. People use their services to gather enough proof against someone, in support of something, and to crosscheck someone's authenticity. A field investigator resume will help in putting forth the skills and abilities of the candidate, in a way that it succeeds in creating the right impression on the employer. To help you with it, we have given below a sample resume for your perusal that will not only help in drafting a resume, but also help in understanding more about the roles and responsibilities of a Field Investigator.

Field Investigator Resume Sample

Donald .K. Mark
1050 Market Street
Bristol, VA 222106
Ph: 1221 128540

Career Objective:

Willing to be a part of an organization or work independently, and use my skills and expertise to help truth and righteous win over the false and incorrect. I wish to use my skills to help bring justice or help honesty succeed, and not just a means to make money.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 6 years, am currently self employed since past 1.5 years. I have worked with some of the best detective agencies of Virginia, under the mentoring of experienced Field Investigators, and today am capable of handling any case independently.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good observation skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good analytical skills, which help in thorough analysis of a situation
  • Thorough with proof gathering and analysis

Professional Experience:

Currently Self Employed
Designation: Field Investigator/Private Investigator
(2010-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Meet the clients and understand the client requirements
  • Gather complete information about the client and the case handed over by the client
  • Gather all audio, visual and pictorial clues that help in joining different links and clues, to prove a fact
  • Do a pre-employment verification check of prospective employees for my client organizations
  • Take up the responsibility of verification check of an individual wishing to rent an apartment or office
  • Investigate and gather proofs regarding various computer crimes
  • Study the case of an insurance claim and check for authenticity
  • Compile all the data, clues, evidences, etc., and make a report
  • Explain the evidences of the report to the client

Previous Work Experience:

Target Detective Services
Designation: Field Investigator

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Accompany the Agency Head to the client meetings, and understand the client requirement
  • Gather all required information about the client
  • Study the case thoroughly, and gather all the required evidences
  • Present the evidences in a report and present the same to the client, after a thorough authenticity check

Bull's Eye Security Services
Designation: Jr. Field Investigator

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Field Investigator in investigating and collecting evidences
  • Collate the evidences to make substantial proofs to help prove one's point or authenticity
  • Arrange for the investigators field visits, equipment used in the field, travel and accommodation, etc.


  • High School Diploma
  • Diploma in Forensic Sciences

Computer Skills:

  • Proficient with computer and Internet operations

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participated in annual sports event of school


Comfortable working anywhere throughout USA


Available on request


Donald .K. Mark

The sample field investigator resume given above gives clear information on the job profile of the same, and a ready to use resume format. The Field Investigator helps in collecting proofs and conducting an authenticity check, but he/she is not authorized to make any judgment or conclusion. He/she is only responsible for finding out facts and evidences that help prove correct and incorrect in the court of law. Cyber crimes also are investigated by these investigators. They serve as a support to the law enforcement bodies, by collecting evidences that help judge or conclude something. After some years of experience, Field Investigators work independently. They set up their office, where they meet their clients and handle cases independently. Thus, employed or self-employed, this job has a good scope.

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