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Vice-President (Construction) Resume

The organization structure has many hierarchies, and every position in this professional hierarchy has a set of job responsibilities. Usually, the head of the organizational hierarchy is the Chairman/President, and a level below is the Vice President. The Vice President is the second in command, and reports to the President or the Chairman. He/she is responsible for the functioning and revenue of the organization, and has direct control on all the policies, rules, regulations, decisions, functions, etc. The responsibilities and scope of work of the Vice President might vary with the type of organization, size of the organization, etc., but the core role remains the same. Let us learn more about this job profile, with reference to a construction industry vice president resume sample. The resume sample will help us understand the job role of a Vice President, and also present a ready format to help one draft a resume. The resume drafted for this position has to be in par with the position and expectation associated with it. Thus, drafting a perfect resume becomes even more important.

Vice President (Construction) Resume Sample

Thomas .S. Bugnell
Lamington Street
Alexandria, VA 22310
Ph: 222 14503503

Career Objective:

At this stage of my career, I believe that I should not sit back, but continue with my efforts to learn and grow everyday at work, and set an example for others. I believe that there is no end to success and hard work, and will to continue with the same and attain the unattained in my career.

Career Summary:

Hard working, self-motivated, dedicated to work, and well-experienced individual, with 20 years of experience in the field of construction; am currently working as the Vice President of JP Constructions and Developers. With a thorough expertise in this field, am capable of handling an organization of any size, and have excelled at it till date.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good leadership skills
  • Good management skills
  • Good organization and decision skills
  • Good intuitive skills that help in making projections and long-term decisions
  • Thorough knowledge and expertise to help control the functions the organization

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - JP Constructions & Developers
Designation: Vice President
(2006- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the President
  • Responsible for the revenue generation, functioning, and regulation of the organization
  • Create, manage, execute, and monitor all the functions, policies, and strategies of the organization
  • Summon and attend the Board meetings, and discuss all crucial issues with the Board
  • Communicate with the President or the Chairman of the organization about various issues in the organization, various requirements, discuss the feedback, etc.
  • Managing customer relationships, accompanying the operations and marketing managers in their final closing meetings with the client, etc.
  • Host the Annual General Meeting
  • Speak in the press conferences and Annual Shareholders Meet
  • Take decisions, take charge in absence of the President/Chairman, etc.

Previous Work Experience:

SRM Developers
Designation: Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Roles and Responsibilities:

Worked as the COO of the organization, and was in charge of all the operations of the organization. Responsible for planning the project procedures, budgets, resource allocation, etc., and reported to the Chief Executive Officer. Assisted in finalizing the selection of projects and studying the feasibility of the project for taking crucial decisions pertaining to the same.

Building Height Developers
Designation: Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

Reported to the COO and was responsible for effective monitoring and execution of the plans and procedures formulated by the COO and the CEO. Successfully handled all the responsibilities, and made sure that all the tasks are completed in time with utmost efficiency.


  • MS in Business Administration - 1995
  • Bachelors of Engineering - Architecture - 1993

Computer Skills:

  • Well - acquainted with computer, Internet operations, and social networking


Willing to relocate to Portsmouth


Available on request

Thomas .S. Bugnell

The sample vice president resume given above, represents an employee of the construction industry. The resume sample explains the role of a Vice President in an organization, position in the organizational hierarchy, and the responsibilities associated with it. The sample resume serves as outline for one to draft his/her resume. A person at this position will have more than 15-20 years of experience. It is thus, not mandatory to include all the previous job experiences. One can mention current and 2-3 previous work experiences. A section giving details about some milestone achievements can also be included. Take some time, think carefully about the information you wish to present in your resume, and then draft your resume accordingly.

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