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Vice President (Sales and Marketing) Resume

The Vice President of an organization is the second-in command and reports to the Chairman/ President. He/she is responsible for putting forth various management issues pertaining to marketing, marketing planning and strategies from the management, etc., to President and Board of Directors. In the absence of the President, this person is responsible for taking the decision on behalf of him, and making sure that the management implements the same. The Vice President stays in close coordination with the management, and serves as a link between the President and the management. We will try to understand more about the said job profile with the help of brief job introduction and followed by a sample vice president (sales and marketing) resume.

Vice President (Sales & Marketing)

The Vice President of sales and marketing is responsible for planning the marketing and sales strategies of the organization. He/she in coordination with the Marketing Manager, analyzes various potential markets, studies the market trend, does a SWOT & PEST analysis, etc., and helps in taking effective decisions pertaining to marketing. He/she as mentioned above, reports to the President and works on crucial decisions pertaining to marketing. Strategy planning, research, resource planning, promotion planning, reviewing the strategies, etc., come under the purview of Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Let us discuss a little more about the same, by reading the sample vice president (Sales & Marketing) resume given below.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Resume Sample

Sasha .S. Johannes
1024 Business Street Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32108
Ph: 803-803-8033

Career Objective:

Highly enthusiastic, dedicated, and hardworking individual, with immense expertise in sales and marketing, currently working as the Vice President, and looking forward for similar or higher job responsibilities. Willing to accept challenges and work in the toughest competitive market that allows us to put in more than 100% to achieve the organizational goals.

Career Summary:

With a relevant experience of 15 years, am currently employed as the Vice President - Sales & marketing of Kambhor Cosmetics. Prior to working as the Vice President with Kambhor, I worked as the General Manager with Fiyuma Cosmetics. I have progressed in my career journey and achieved all the milestones I set for myself. I believe that there is no end to success and one gets opportunities till one keeps trying, and thus am looking forward to achieve many more milestones in my forthcoming career.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good analytical, critical and logical reasoning
  • Intuitive skills - Prove helpful in foreseeing the outcome of strategies, decisions, opportunities, etc.
  • Thorough understanding of the consumer market, scope of cosmetics industry, competitions, promotion strategies and advertisements, advancements in the same, etc.
  • Expertise in market research and analysis using various statistical tools and research models like Porter's Five Forces Model,
  • SWOT & PEST analysis, etc.
  • Expertise in handling board meetings and reviewing the strategies of the organization

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - Kambhor Cosmetics, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Vice President Sales & Marketing
(2006-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the President - Sales & Marketing
  • Responsible for studying market trends, customer buying habits, competitor's strategies, potential markets, etc., and devising strategies
  • Work in coordination with the zonal marketing heads to study the effectiveness of different strategies adopted pertaining to marketing and sales
  • Closely review all ad campaigns and promotional campaigns
  • Meet the clients on regular basis and maintain good rapport with all the clients
  • Assist the President for press conferences, preparing for client presentations and meetings, making marketing forecasts, meeting with the Board of Directors, etc.
  • Make sure that none of the business ethics are disregarded and the promotional campaigns or advertisements do not make false promises

Previous Work Experiences:

Fiyuma Cosmetics, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: General Manager - Marketing & Sales

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the marketing and sales team, strategies and planning pertaining to the same
  • Play a key role in planning the promotional campaigns of the organization
  • Monitor the market trend, identify the potential markets, do a thorough SWOT analysis, study the markets before penetration, expansion, diversification, or withdrawal decisions

Monalisa Cosmetics, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Marketing Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

As the Marketing Manager of Monalisa Cosmetics, was responsible for planning and overseeing all the marketing and sales activities of the organization. Worked towards increasing the client base of the organization, increasing brand effectiveness and recognition, and brought about 15% increase per annum in the revenue of Monalisa Cosmetics

FACES & SKIN, Jacksonville, Florida

Worked with FACES & SKIN for almost 7 years, and began my career as a fresher with them. Having joined as a fresher, I worked at the entry level Sales Executive position, and gradually moved on to be a Sr. Marketing Manager. This escalation in my career helped me in gaining expertise in all functions and duties of a marketing and sales personnel.


  • Masters in Business Administration, St. John's University - 1996
  • Bachelors of Business Administration, St. John's University - 1994

Additional Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Cosmetics Research & Development, University of Boston - 1999
  • Diploma in Personal Care Formulation, Institute of Personal Care Science - 2000
  • Diploma in Organic Products, Institute of Personal Care Science - 2001
  • Diploma of Personal Care Development & Promotion - 2001


Looking for suitable opportunities in some of the brand names wherein I can use my expertise developed over these years and work towards bringing about a positive difference in cosmetic manufacturing and promotion. Willing to relocate to New York.


Available on request

Sasha .S. Johannes

The sample vice president (sales & marketing) resume given above helps in understanding the role of a Vice President of sales and marketing division of an organization. The skill set, qualifications, and experiences make it very clear that, one needs immense expertise to work at the position of Vice President. The resume should also stand at par with the expertise associated with the said position. Moreover, when it comes to providing information about one's previous work experiences, it is impossible to mention each and every job role and responsibility performed in the past. Thus, one just needs to mention the current job role in detail, and can give a brief idea of the previous job roles. The above given sample resume proves to be a perfect resume template for anyone willing to draft a resume for the said position. One can thus, alter the same, and use it as a resume template. Make sure that you do not copy the resume as it is. Try to make it unique by customizing it to suit your needs and requirements.

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