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Transportation Executive Resume

After the production of any goods or product, it is essential that the product is dispatched at the right time in the market. There is a particular time for dispatch of goods, so that it is available to the customers when it is needed the most! ( A good example of such product would be seasonal products. If its raining, you would expect the required goods to be available before hand, isn't it? And it is the peak point for the companies to make good profit.) Keeping all these factors in mind, supply chain team, and transportation teams need to coordinate and make plans so that goods reach the consumers reach on time. A Transportation Executive is responsible to check if the deadlines are met, and goods reach the assigned retailer/agency on time. They need to manage the timing of the dispatch, and the estimated time to reach the market. Writing a transportation resume is quite a task, you need to be aware of requirements mentioned in the advertisement, and mention your skills in the resume. If you are mentioning experience, check if references are demanded in the resume. Here a sample resume is given, you can read it and try to write your own resume.

Christiana M. Studer
56, 2nd Floor
2236 Corbin Branch Road
Morristown, TN 37813
Contact Number: 776-878-3002
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a Transportation Executive, and use my experience in the transport field and increase the profits of the company.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Assistant Transportation Manager in GGJ Firms Pvt. Ltd. for 4 years. I worked as Transport Manager in the same firm for 6 years. I have worked in both supply chain and employee transportation sectors.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration (Supply Chain), State University of Morristown, TN
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, State University of Morristown, TN
  • St. Helena's Girls School, High School Certificate, Morristown, TN

Work Experience:

Industry: GGJ Firms Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Transport Manager
Duration: 6 years


  • Assigning deadline for teams and schedules
  • Responsible to assign shifts to drivers
  • Responsible to submit the reports of the vehicle conditions daily
  • Organize meetings, and explain the load assigned, and the process of transportation
  • To ensure safe transportation of goods along with mandatory temperature conditions for specific goods (example: specific food items)
  • Explaining company norms to the drivers and Assistant Transport Managers
  • Responsible for communicating the address and contact of raw material suppliers
  • To supervise if the material dispatched is as per the count demanded by the client
  • Responsible for recruiting drivers and assistant managers
  • Preparing the database of total material to be brought from the raw material section, and the final product dispatch list
  • Responsible to organize regular health check-ups for drivers
  • Responsible to conduct seminars for time to time updation of new government policies
  • To send reports to the Transport Executive for requirement of more vehicles

Industry: GGJ Firms Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Transportation Manager
Duration: 4 years


  • Responsible to help Transport Manager in preparing reports
  • Taking interviews of drivers and interns
  • Responsible for recruiting transport help-desk employees for the company
  • To recruit new drivers
  • Responsible to check the vehicle condition daily
  • Trouble shooting transportation issues
  • To help out employees in getting the correct transportation facility from the company
  • Responsible to schedule the timings for bus arrivals
  • Responsible to arrange for risk management team

Certification an skills:

  1. Certification in risk management
  2. Strong aptitude
  3. Strong communication skills

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: October 4,1972
Hobbies: Playing Baseball, Skiing, adventure sports
Languages Known: English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Korean


  1. Ronald E. Miles
    56, 3rd Floor
    2566 Kenwood Place
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
    Contact Number: 725-987-23611
    Email Address:

  2. Elizabeth G. Wright
    67, 41th floor
    151 Wildrose Lane
    Detroit, MI 48214
    Contact Number: 892-563-6412
    Email Address:


Christiana M. Studer

Transportation sector is not just related to supply of goods, it also deals with the transport facility of the employees as well. Now-a-days there is a separate department assigned for employee transport facility. A transport executive is responsible for day to day supervision of the transport facilities. Preferably, a person with prior experience in this field is considered for the post of Transportation Executive. Moreover, if intra-city transportation is assigned then it is expected that the person has knowledge about the city roads, which will be helpful to employees. It needs interest to be in this field. You must also write your resume, such that it impresses the employer at the first go! You can read the example of the transportation executive resume here, and try to write the resume in your own words. Keeping in mind the requirements will help you in writing the resume as demanded by the employer.

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