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Supply Chain Executive Resume

The basic motive of any company is to sell its products and earn profit. However, before the final product is released in the market, there are several steps and procedures that are carried out. To manufacture any product, say, jams or ketchups, raw material is required, this raw material is then processed, and the product is manufactured. It is necessary that this manufactured product is introduced at the right time in the markets (for example, you know that woolen clothes will sell more in winter/spring season and not in summers!). The reason behind explaining all this is that there is a Supply Chain team of the company involved in carrying out all these steps, and one of the important roles is that of a Supply Chain Executive.

A supply chain executive is responsible for checking the quality of raw material supplied, he needs to keep a track of the manufacturing time, and number of products and finally the supply of manufactured products in market. While writing a Supply Chain Executive resume, highlight the points that justify you for the job. A sample resume has been presented here, it will give you an idea of the things that need to be included. Use simple language to make your resume more readable, and mention all possible points (relevant) that meet the job requirement.

Sergio M. Boyd
4133 Armory roadContact Number:854-985-5554
Wilmington, NC 28403Email-Id:

Career Objective:

To work as a supply chain executive in an organization that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills, education and experience.

Career Summary:

Currently working as regional supervisor for Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd., supervising the supply chain of FMCG section of the company. Worked for 2 years in Delim Corporation Pvt. Ltd. and was responsible for production, logistics and distribution. I have done my internship in Fountain Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration (Operations), University of Wilmington State, Wilmington
  • Bachelor of science in Finance, University of Wilmington State, Wilmington
  • High School Certificate, St. Mary High School, Wilmington

Work Experience:

Company Name: Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: June 2006 till present( 7 years 3 months)


  • Keeping a track of the raw material supply
  • Checking raw material and replacing in case of any fault
  • Maintaining an excel sheet for raw material supply
  • Reporting the company about the progress details
  • Responsible for finding suppliers
  • Keeping a track of the manufactured products
  • Troubleshooting logistics and transportation issues
  • Handling labor unions
  • Dispatching products from the company at a given time
  • Meeting the target set (number of products per day)

Company Name: Delim Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: June 2004 to May 2006(2 years)


  • Contacting the customers for the product count
  • Assigning teams daily targets
  • Reporting to the company on a weekly basis, about production and dispatch
  • Handling transport section
  • Meeting clients and taking feedback

Company Name: Fountain Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: January 2006 to May 2006 (Internship)


  • Responsible for maintaining excel sheet for goods count
  • Reporting the daily production count and dispatch values
  • Handling logistic details

Certifications and Seminars:

  • SAP certification in SAP 6.0
  • Certification in Basic Computer Skills and programming
  • Attended the "Junior Supply Chain Analyst" Seminar in Los Angeles
  • Certification in CLIT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport)
  • Attended Seminar "Future Supply Chain Managers" in Houston
  • Presented paper "Solving your log-trans problem" at International Paper presentation competition


  • Won 1st prize in "Bull's Eye Competition" held in Delim Corporation Pvt. Ltd., August 2004
  • Won 2nd prize in inter-company "Make The Chain" competition in Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd., May 2007
  • Winner of Inter-Company Quiz Competition, Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd., August 2007
  • Won 1st prize in Inter-Company "Billiards Ace" competition, January 2008

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Organized Yoga and meditation camps for labor group of Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd., January 2009
  • Represented Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd in welfare activities for labor conference held in New York, May 2008
  • Member of "Supply Chain Manager's Activity Group " in Country Unilever Pvt. Ltd
  • Member of Base ball team in High school, Wilmington

Personal Details:

Date of Birth06/11/88
Languages KnownEnglish, Spanish, Japanese


1. Jemie Fox
62571, 3rd floor,
Wilmington, NC 35562
2. John Kart
65, 2nd floor
Regional Sales Pvt. Ltd.
Wilmington,NC 525562

Mention your skills and experience as per the job requirement. Use of lucid language, and a proper presentation makes a resume look attractive and readable. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you keep all these things in mind while writing a supply chain executive resume, there is a definite chance of getting an interview call.

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