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Studio Executive Resume

A studio executive is responsible to manage the studio he is working in; it may be a film studio or a music studio. He/she is directly related to the entertainment sector. Only if one is interested in doing work related to films, music, or holds strong interest in this field, should enter this field. As it needs passion and dedication to be in this industry, and just being interested in number crunching and knowing markets won't be sufficient. You should be an expert of the field you are in. For example, an Animation Studio Executive should be an expert in animation, and must understand the terms and terminologies of it, for establishing successful business. Also, a Film Studio Executive should have knowledge about different tasks involved in it, film scripts, cinematography, editing, etc. In addition to the management concepts, knowledge of the peculiar field is extremely important. Moreover, if you are dealing with high budget tasks, you need to be an expert, and experience definitely counts here! An example of studio executive resume is presented here, you can go through it before writing your resume. Be clear in writing the area you have worked in, and see the requirements posted.

Dorothy H. Cheek
4345 Hart Country Lane
Athens,GA 30601
Contact Number:887-567-6352
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a Studio Executive in an organization, where my passion for music and films along with management skills are used for the growth of the company.

Career Summary:

I have worked for 3 years in Lemon Green Studios Pvt. Ltd. as an Assistant Manager. I am currently working as a Studio Manager in Vejus Films Pvt. Ltd.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Arts(Media and Journalism), University of Athens,GA
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Athens,GA
  • St. Mary's Co-ed High School, Athens,GA

Work Experience:

Industry: Lemon Green Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Manager
Duration: 3 Years


  • To meet the script writers and editors
  • To read the scripts daily and shortlist some of them
  • To meet the instrument players and discuss the tunes with the music directors
  • Part of the music direction team (directed a song in a movie)
  • Meeting the producer, and giving him/her an estimate of the budget required
  • Taking auditions of singers (Male and female playback singers), and selection
  • Reading movie scripts and deciding the number of songs required and demanded
  • Arranging for the concerts during music release
  • Responsible for promotional events of films, and music launch
  • Responsible to meet agents and decide the set location and finance involved
  • Meeting old clients and discussing promotional event
  • To discuss the schedule details with the entire crew of the project, and finalizing the dates
  • Making provisions for the accommodation and food services
  • Time to time coordination with event management team
  • Organizing and attending various concerts and award functions
  • Meeting the channel head and discussing the concert broadcast timing and financial details
  • Giving a monthly report of expenses and profits to the Studio Executive

Industry: Vejus Films Pvt. Ltd..
Job Title: Studio Manager
Duration: 3 Years


  • Reading scripts and discussing with the manager
  • Taking auditions of actors, singers, and music directors
  • Responsible to organize promotional events
  • Responsible to make teams, and give targets for advertisements
  • Visiting and selecting the sites
  • Giving an estimate of the budget requirement to the manager
  • Working with the cinematographer and choreographer teams
  • Giving deadlines to the event management teams, and supervising the work
  • Coordinating the art work team
  • Submitting daily reports to the Sales Executive
  • Visiting the sets from time to time, and coordinating the events there
  • Responsible for salary account maintenance of the employees

Certifications and Skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Keen eye to understand market trends
  • Comfortable working in karaoke softwares
  • Comfortable working in MS Excel, MS Word

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: December 8, 1977
Languages Known: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese
Hobbies: Ski diving, singing, listening music, playing synthesizer


  1. Catherine J. Teague
    3970 Washington Avenue
    Jackson, MS 39201
    Contact Number:887-565-4343
    Email Address:

  2. Jenine R. Marshall
    3797 Romines Mill Road
    Dallas, TX 75247
    Contact Number:778-575-34212
    Email Address:


Dorothy H. Cheek

The above sample studio executive resume can be referred if you are planning to apply for the post of a Studio Executive in an organization. If you are passionate about the entertainment industry, you will definitely be able to don the role of a Studio Executive with ease. Experience in this field will help you explore more opportunities in this field. While writing the resume, do mention your work experience details and the references. Your passion for this work should be noticeable in your resume; only then the employer will think of considering your job application.

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