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Public Relations Account Executive Resume

The public relations department in an organization is the medium between the organization and the public. They are responsible for maintaining a reputation of the company in the public as well as handling the media and putting forth the products of the company in public. Extremely good communication skills are desired for this job, both written and oral. A public relation executive is responsible for promoting the products of the company, writing press releases, and communicating with prospective clients. He/she is expected to have good marketing skills, apart from a strong understanding of financial concepts. A degree in English, communication, journalism or marketing is desired. However, now-a-days, some colleges offer degree in public relations as well.

While applying for the job of a public account executive, mention your academic details without fail, followed by relevant work experience in this field. Also, mention your extra curricular activities and participation in any of the competitions. Since this job requires a person who is outspoken, confident and expert in facing the public, your active participation in events proves your credibility for the job. While writing a public relations account executive resume, keep in mind the employer's requirements. Avoid using long sentences or paragraphs, as it reduces readability. You can also make use of numbering or bullet points. A well written resume is the first step to put the correct impression on the employer. A sample resume presented here will guide you to write one.

Patricia J. Thomas
Flat No.90, 3rd Floor
2434 Sunny Day DriveContact Number: 556-990-8787
Huntington Beach, CA 92647Email Id:

Career Objective:

To work as a public relations executive and apply my expertise and experience to leverage the company's profit.

Career Summary:

I have 12 years of corporate experience in public relations sector. I did my internship in Wherabout Consultation Firm Pvt. Ltd. for 6 months. Later, I joined PR exclusive Pvt. Ltd. firm and worked there for 4 years as an Assistant Public Relations manager. I then joined Finc Consulation Groups Pvt. Ltd. and worked as a senior public relations manager for 5 years before joining HelpinConsult PR groups Pvt. Ltd., where I am currently working as a deputy public relations account executive.

Educational Qualification:

1992State University of HuntingtonMaster of Business Administration (Media and communication)
1990State University of HuntingtonBachelor of Arts (journalism)
1987St. Mary's High SchoolHigh School Certificate

Work Experience:

Industry: HelpinConsult PR groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Deputy Public Relations Account Executive


  • Arranging client meetings and explaining new products to them
  • Participating in meetings for new policies of the company
  • Suggesting new strategies and methods to launch policies and products
  • To write press releases
  • To communicate with the media from time to time
  • Suggesting ideas and strategies for the promotion of new products of the company
  • Liaison with both the public and media
  • Seeking the target audience
  • Giving targets to marketing and advertisement departments
  • Preparation of client reports and submitting to public relations account executive on a weekly basis
  • Solving queries of the clients

Industry: Finc Consulation Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Senior Public Relations manager


  • Meeting with clients and discussing the product
  • Searching prospective client base
  • Deciding the promotional strategies with the deputy public relations account executive
  • Maintaining a database of products and clients
  • Reporting weekly progress to top management personnel
  • Giving targets to the advertisement department and supervising their progress
  • Training the junior managers
  • Recruitment of managers in the marketing depatment

Industry: PR exclusive Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Public Relations Manager


  • To maintain an excel sheet of daily targets achieved
  • Reporting daily to the senior public relations manager
  • Giving presentations of the ideas proposed for promotional
  • Conducting meetings with the media
  • Locating prospective customer base
  • Cold calling

Industry: Wherabout Consultation Firm Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Intern


  • Maintaining an excel sheet of the client base
  • Holding meetings with the clients and explaining the product
  • Participating in advertisement strategies
  • Reporting to the assistant manager daily about the daily tasks and progress

Certification and skills:

  • Certification of Advanced Diploma in Marketing form State University of Huntington (Distance Learning)
  • Certification in CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Certification in Sap 7.0.1.
  • Knowledge of Computer languages
  • Knowledge of MS-Word, MS-power point, MS-Access


  1. Lucille E. Moorhouse
    1229, Jane Blg.
    3532 Jody Road
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Conatct Number: 2232-990-909
    Email Id:Lucille

  2. Vera J. Greene
    56, 5th floor, Hanna Blg.
    123 Railroad Street
    Wakefield, MI 49968
    Contact Number: 889-990-0889
    Email Id:

A public relations account executive resume must highlight your good communication skills and ability to talk confidently in public. An employer would seek a candidate who is ready to work under pressure and deliver the best results. If you think you are fit for this job, then have a look at the sample resume above and write a job-winning resume.

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