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President (Marketing) Resume

Working at the position of President of an organization is not an easy task. The President of the organization is the chief governing body. He/she is responsible for the successful decision making and functioning of the organization. All the managerial staff look up to the President for advise, follow his/her instructions, and he/she is the face of the organization. Thus, a person working at this position should possess immense expertise, and should be thoroughly experienced to handle such a crucial job role. We would discuss this further with the help of a president (marketing) resume sample. This sample resume will not only help in understanding the resume format for the said position, but also help us understand the job profile of a President of an organization.

Before reading the sample resume, let us discuss in brief the job profile of a President-Marketing of an organization.

The President- Sales and Marketing is responsible for planning and reviewing of marketing strategies, plans, market penetration ideas, etc. The Marketing Manager and the Vice President (VP) Marketing, play an important role in this planning. The VP in coordination with the concerned Marketing Manager is responsible for analyzing the markets, identifying opportunities and threats, etc. They then devise strategies and plans, which are discussed with the President. On his approval, the strategies are implemented. On the other hand, the President along with the Board of Directors takes crucial decisions pertaining to marketing, which are later implemented by the VP or Marketing Manager. Thus, President-Marketing, is solely responsible for all the crucial marketing decisions taken by the organization.

Let us read the resume example given below to understand the job role and candidature for the same.

Sample Marketing President Resume

Harry .S. Mark
5412 Berry Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32103
Ph: 804-023-1101

Career Objective:

Working at the position of President-Marketing, I have completed a long journey in my career, and am looking forward to much more. My enthusiasm to accept new challenges at work keeps me motivated to chase the unreachable and work in an environment full of challenges, threats, and unexplored opportunities.

Career Summary:

At present am working with Santabil Clothing, Jacksonville, as the President-Marketing & Sales. With a considerable experience of almost 20 years in sales and marketing, am capable of working at the said position, and taking the best decisions for the organization pertaining to sales and marketing. Have gained immense expertise over these years, which helps me delivering my best. With this unmatched caliber and enthusiasm, am willing to continue using my expertise for the benefit of the organization I work with.

Summary of Skills:

  • Certified Marketing Executive Program (CME) Certification - 2005
  • Exceptionally good at market research and analysis, which serves as a base for every crucial decision taken for the organization
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, good at maintaining rapport with the clients
  • Posses expertise in SWOT, PEST, and Porter's Five Forces Model for market analysis
  • Detail oriented and take deep insights in every situation, proposal, etc., before taking a decision
  • Capable of taking the right decisions pertaining to market penetration, withdrawal, expansion, promotion, etc.
  • Good at keeping a record of competitor's moves so as to stay a step ahead from them
  • Thorough with the importance of market risk analysis and risk diversifying
  • Expertise in using various statistical tools
  • Excellent coordination, planning, and intuitive skills

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - Santabil Clothing, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: President - Marketing and Sales
(2006- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for formulating, reviewing, and managing the marketing strategies of the organization; formulating tactical plans to meet the organizational goals, studying the market, etc.
  • Work in close coordination with the Marketing Manager and Vice President-Marketing and Sales to analyze a market before taking any market penetration, expansion, diversification or withdrawal decision
  • Closely review and plan the advertisement and other promotion strategies of Santabil for effectiveness, and with reference to the competitors plans and strategies
  • Conduct a thorough PEST and SWOT analysis before taking any marketing decisions pertaining to the organization
  • In coordination with the Board of Directors and management do a thorough analysis of the market trends, buying habits of the target market, characteristics of the target market, etc.
  • Work in close coordination with the production, marketing, merchandising, and research departments to ensure that the organization meets the demands of the market
  • Represent the organization in multinational deals, press conferences, etc.
  • Responsible for overseeing the implementation, execution and effectiveness of various strategies, and check the same for improvements or rectifications, if any
  • Conduct regular meetings with the management and Board of Directors to keep a track of all the activities
  • Meet the Chief Officers or President of different client organizations, prospective clients, etc., and discuss the business plan, contract, negotiate on the same, etc.

Previous Employers:

HD Clothing, Boston, USA
Designation: VP - Marketing and Sales

Role and Responsibilities:

As the VP - Marketing and Sales, reported to the President of the organization, and was thoroughly responsible for analyzing, reviewing, and concluding the market trends, buying habits, competitor's strategies, etc. Taking this analysis as the base, was responsible for formulating various strategies, discussing the same with the President, getting the same implemented and executed by the Manager, and continuously reviewing the same for effectiveness. Assisting the President in press conferences, crucial meetings, and decision-making was a part of my job profile.

Fabrix Clothing, Boston, USA
Designation: Marketing Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

Worked as the Marketing Manager of the organization for six years, and was responsible for implementing the marketing policies and strategies of the organization. I was responsible for devising a plan of action, setting targets, etc., in order to achieve the ultimate goals of the organization. I was awarded with 'Best Employee Award' thrice during my work tenure at Fabrix for unmatched excellence and consistent performance, and increasing the revenue of the organization almost by 15% per annum.

Mark Huesen Clothing, Boston, USA

Joined Mark Huesen Clothing after completing my MS in Business Administration in the year 1990. I began my career as an 'Assistant Fashion Designer & Merchandise Planner', and moved up to be the Sr. Manager of the organization. During my four years of work tenure with Mark Huesen, I worked in fashion designing, merchandise planning, client servicing, marketing planning, and management of the organization.


  • MS. Business Administration,University of Boston - 1990
  • Bachelors of Fashion Designing, University of Boston - 1988
Harry .S. Mark

The sample president marketing resume given above puts forth the perfect resume format for someone working at the post of a President. As seen in the sample resume, the candidate explains the current job role in detail, and gives a brief idea of the previous work experiences, giving minimal importance to most lower level or entry level positions he/she worked at. This is because mentioning all the job roles in detail will add unnecessary content to the resume making it boring and difficult for the recruiter to filter the necessary information. Refer to the above given resume for drafting a resume for the said position, and get the best out of it.

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