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Marketing Account Executive Resume

It is important for any company to launch its product at the correct time in the market and project it in a correct way to the targeted audience. For example, if desktop computers were launched a decade ago (and that too at a high price), they wouldn't have been so popular as they are now! It is important to understand the needs of the people from time to time and come up with new products. A company has a separate department to take care of these things - the Marketing Department, and a marketing account executive is responsible to supervise various functions in this department. He is responsible for market survey, suggesting new products, taking the feedback, increasing the collaborations of the company and developing accounts with them.

A sample marketing account executive will guide you in writing an executive level resume. Do not forget to mention your academic details even if you have considerable experience, because most of the employers have a set criteria for educational qualifications. Make your resume look readable, use pellucid language and avoid any silly mistakes. Your resume plays a significant role in getting your dream job, so it becomes necessary that you put efforts in writing a good resume.

Nell J. Ortiz
1173 Oakridge Lane
Macon, GA 31201
Contact Number:478-238-7180

Career Objective:

To utilize my expertise in marketing and sales to boost organizational goals. I wish to use my passion for marketing for the company's as well as my career growth.

Career Summary:

I have worked for 4 years in Dell INtlope Groups Pvt. Ltd. as an assistant manager and later shifted to Kelly Brooke Groups Pvt. Ltd., where I am currently working as a branch manager.

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing and sales), State University Macon, GA
  • Master of Science (Finance), State University Macon, GA
  • Bachelor of Arts (Finance), State University Macon, GA

Work Experience:

Industry: Dell INtlope Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Manager
Duration: 4 Years


  • Contacting the agents and retailers for supply of raw material
  • Retaining old customers and building new ones
  • Responsible to create new accounts of sale
  • Suggesting new products
  • Attending annual company meetings
  • Suggesting collaborations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Maintaining a database of new accounts every month
  • Meeting clients and explaining the products and giving samples
  • Participating in company meetings
  • Suggesting new financial policies
  • Participating in planning an advertisement campaign

Industry: Kelly Brooke Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Branch Manager
Duration: 5 Years (currently working)


  • Selecting sales and advertising teams and assigning weekly targets
  • Contacting prospective clients and increasing the accounts
  • Meeting the teams and discussing the product feedback
  • Suggesting the improvements in marketing and advertising of the product
  • Reporting the marketing account executive in case of issues
  • Suggesting new products and ideas to increase the sales
  • Handling supply chain unit for raw material supply
  • Contacting retailers and agents
  • Giving an estimate of the production
  • Giving presentations in the company's meetings
  • Training the assistant managers
  • Participating in advertisement campaigns
  • Zeroing in the brand ambassador of the product
  • Surveying sites for opening new factories
  • Time to time updation of the rules and regulations set by government

Certifications and skills:

  • Strong marketing and communicational skills
  • Certification in SAP 6.9
  • Comfortable working in MS Word and MS Power point

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: July 15, 1979
Languages Known: English, German, Japanese, Sanskrit
Hobbies: Playing football, basket ball, playing violin


  1. Robert I. Jones
    1497 Franklin Avenue
    Port O Connor, TX 77982
    Contact Number:440-909-8877

  2. Leonard M.Klopp
    4800 Monroe Street
    Houston, TX 77036
    Contact Number:667-898-6673


Nell J. Ortiz

A marketing account executive must have excellent communicational skills. His main responsibility is to increase the company's profit by increasing sales in different firms, thus increasing the accounts. He should have convinceable quality, ability to handle people and sell the product effectively. The sample marketing account executive resume presented can be used as reference. It is not necessary to copy the template as it is, you can also use your own templates and make your resume look attractive. Mention your achievements in the relevant field, as it will enhance your credibility and chances of getting a call for a job-interview.

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