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Internal Sales Executive Resume

Internal sales executive resume is the best way to present a candidate in front of an employer. The resume can be curtailed, customized, or designed according to the requirement of the employer. The resume can play a very vital role in convincing the employer about the candidate, without even meeting him/her. The role of this professional needs a lot of skills; these skills would enable the candidate to perform well. People who work in in-house sales positions are typically called internal sales representatives, and the main focus of such jobs is customer service oriented. As an Internal Sales Executive, you will introduce or sell new products to established clients. You need to interface with the external sales representatives in order to determine the needs of clients, as they are brought into the company. The external sales reps are your best source of initial information on new clients and their needs.

One of the primary duties of this professional. is to come up with quotes in writing for the clients. This allows them to know the options, products, and pricing of various services your company provides. They then work with the client to formulate a quote that works with both their needs and their budget. Your goal is to sell the client the most appropriate package of services for their needs. There are some very important duties performed by these professionals, and those duties are:

  • Generate new and repeat sales by providing product and technical information in a timely manner
  • Determine customer requirements, and expectations in order to recommend specific products and solutions
  • Recommend alternate products, based on cost, availability, or specifications
  • Present price, credit, and terms, in accordance with standard procedures and customers' profitability profiles
  • Accurately process customer transactions such as orders, quotes, or returns
  • Provide accurate information regarding availability of in-stock items
  • Obtain accurate information from vendors relating to shipment dates, and expected date of delivery
  • Pro-actively recommend items needed by customers to increase customer satisfaction and improve transaction profitability
  • Increase sales and average order size by means of cross-selling, up-selling, add-on sales, and offering promotional sales items
  • Educate customers about terminology, features, and benefits of products in order to improve product related sales and customer satisfaction
  • Monitor scheduled shipment dates, to ensure timely delivery and expedite as needed
  • Contact customers following sales to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction, and resolve any complaint
  • Fill requests for catalogs, information or samples
  • Remain current on consumer preferences, changes in local codes and product developments, by attending sales meetings, vendor training, and trade shows, or reading trade journals
  • Setup and maintain customer files
  • Identify trends in customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Manage time effectively, meet personal goals, and work effectively with other members of the distribution team
  • Communicate to the purchasing department about unexpected increases or decreases in demand for products
  • Assist in scheduled physical inventory counts
  • Maintain proficiency in using personal computer, data entry terminal, and other common office equipment and software
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Present a professional image at all times to customers and vendors
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Let us now look at the sample resume of this profession, as this would give us the complete idea of how we should design a resume for this profession:

Sample Internal Sales Executive Resume

Henry John
WSD road, L5M5U2


Profile: I have an experience of 5 years in the department of sales. I want to pursue my career in this field itself, and grow up to be the best possible. I am a very honest employee, I believe in doing complete justice to my job.

Objective: I want to become the Chief Executive Officer of a Multi National Company. I want to utilize all my skills, that I have learned from my previous years of experience. I have to learn all the advance skills and technicalities of marketing and sales.

Education Summary:

  • Bachelors in Commerce, and Mathematics
  • Business administration in Marketing and sales
  • Diploma in Business Studies

Job Experience: I have an experience of 5 years, and the skills and duties which I have served under all these years are mentioned below, along with the name of the companies, and the designation served:

Name: ASD Company
Duration: 2 years
Designation: Sales Representative

Name : HJK Company
Duration: 3 years
Designation: Internal Sales Executive

Professional Skills:

  • Met targets by managing lead generation plan
  • Made regular product presentations with audio-visual equipment
  • Helped as internal sales-support for pre-defined territory
  • Executed product and segment marketing activity to generate market interest: teaching, surveys, projects, and campaigns
  • Successfully cooperated with Field Sales Team
  • Conducted on-site product-demos, and lab tours for visiting customers
  • Took part in all meetings, trainings and skilled professional development sessions
  • Covered voice-mail and email for relevant staff, while members were away
  • Managed spreadsheets
  • Cooperated on a regular basis with Accounts Manager and Sales Supervisor
  • Maintained the prospects database
  • Managed outbound/inbound accounts
  • Participated in sales group meetings dealing with targets, forecasts, etc.
  • Reported on current market situation
  • Took care of any cancellations and changes in orders, and reported to the company


Mr. George Jones
Vice President
ADG Company

Internal sales executive resume is a way to express all the experiences, all the skills one has learned serving this designation. This sample explains the format of how the resume for this profile should be designed. The sample can be used, for making changes in an old resume, which needs to be upgraded.

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