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Insurance Executive Resume

Have you ever seen the life insurance/health insurance advertisements on television? Insurance is a part of the business world, and there is a great opportunity in this sector. You insure your car by paying a yearly amount of say $100; for you it is car insurance, for the organization it is an investment made by you for them - ultimately profit! Of course, the definition of profit here is a bit different. It is not simply buy and sell, but somewhat complex as compared to goods sale. If you have ever come across any kind of insurance (life, cars, pet, etc., you would know that the person who explains to you different policies, needs to be knowledgeable about the product he is selling (here, the insurance policy). An investment executive is the person who supervises the people at the basic level of sales -- posts such as insurance agent, assistant insurance manager, and insurance manager. He must be well acquainted with the latest trends in insurance, earlier policies, and should be able to solve grievances and problems of customers. An example of insurance executive resume is given to ease your work. Mention all the details you think are essential. Prepare a resume that impresses the employer right away! Be honest, and mention things in simple and clear language.

Carly M. Dooley
688 Kessla Way
Beaufort, SC 29902
Contact Number:
Email Address:

I want to work as an Insurance Executive in an organization, where my analysis oriented work and sales skills are utilized.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Insurance agent at the start of my career in IKIJI Insurance Groups Pvt. Ltd. for 3 years. The experienced gained there helped me work as an Insurance Manager in ALLGP Groups Pvt. Ltd. For 5 years. I am currently working in the same firm as a Deputy Insurance Executive (2 years).

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing), University of
  • Bachelors of Science, University of
  • St. Helena's co-ed School, High School Certificate

Work Experience:

Industry: Manager in ALLGP Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Deputy Insurance Executive
Duration: 2 years


  • To arrange meetings with the clients, and cold calling
  • To work in a team and discuss new avenues in insurance sector
  • To travel across the country, and seek the targeted clients
  • Preparing a detailed analysis of client case, and suggesting a suitable policy
  • Meeting with VIP clients regarding investment matters
  • Advising clients on their current policies
  • Solving customer queries and doubts
  • Reporting the monthly target clients to the Insurance Executive
  • Maintaining strong relations with old customer of the company
  • Arranging social meetings and gatherings for VIP clients
  • Keeping a track of key accounts of the company, and increasing them

Industry: Manager in ALLGP Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Insurance Manager
Duration: 5 years


  • To cold call the customers, and explain the insurance policies
  • To work in coordination with the insurance agents, and assign them targets
  • To attend company meetings to discuss new policies
  • Making a market survey of the policies launched, and their feedback
  • Solving customer queries; both online and offline
  • Attending meetings to discuss the policies that are to be discarded from the market, and the ones to be launched
  • Responsible for recruiting the insurance agents, and training them regarding the policies

Industry: IKIJI Insurance Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Insurance agent
Duration:3 years


  • To introduce the policies by cold calling the customers and increasing client base
  • To give reports of daily targets assigned and achieved to the Insurance Manager
  • To work out weekly plans to achieve targets
  • To give presentation to the Manager regarding the sales strategy
  • Understanding the current policies and suggesting improvements in them

Certification and skills:

  • Currently pursuing a course for CPA certification
  • Certification in basic computer skills
  • Certified Life Insurance agent by the government (Licence:8782338-1)
  • Strong communication skills

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: January 6, 1966
  • Hobbies: Playing football, baseball, violin
  • Languages Known: English, Spanish, German


  1. Elden N. Reynolds
    557 Maxwell Farm Road
    Redding, CA 96001
    Contact Number: 887-898-6655
    Email Address:

  2. Eric C. Stokes
    4298 Oakwood Circle
    Fullerton, CA 93632
    Contact Number: 887-898-7686
    Email Address:


Carly M. Dooley

The sample insurance executive resume given above, will help you in referring to write your own resume. Please avoid spelling mistakes, and use clear language. Do not write big explanations, since a resume is expected to be as precise as possible, mentioning the things in the best possible way, in a compact format.

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