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Health Care Executive Resume

Health care services is one of the booming sectors today where management is required. The different tasks involved in this sector are: managing the hospital staff, dealing with the agencies for medical kit supply, getting the best possible technological advances and machinery in the hospital, to name a few. To undertake all these responsibilities, entire department is allotted in most of the hospitals. Also, now-a-days, MBA in hospital management / health care management is also available. The first and the foremost requirement to work in this field is the desire to be in the environment, and the passion for health care field. The way any organization needs human resource department, finance department etc., same is true for health care sector. Moreover, there are many hospitals that have started implementing the management department. One of the important positions in health care sector is that of a health care executive, he is responsible for preparing the budget for the hospital, ensuring proper care for patients, taking feedback from employees, etc. An MBA degree would be beneficial to start off as an associate manager, or equivalent experience with bachelors degree is also accepted. While writing a health care executive resume, your passion for this sector should be reflected, which would increase the employer's interest in your candidature. The sample health care executive resume given below, would be helpful to you for writing your own resume.

Judith E. Brown
123 Stark Hollow Road
Fruita, CO 81521
Contact Number:998-787-9980
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To utilize my passion for health services, and serve the organization as a health care executive, and to put my extensive experience for the growth of the organization.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Assistant Health Care Manager in JPJ Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. for 4 years, and currently working as a Health Care Manager in Pharma Groups Pvt. Ltd. for 6 years. I have learned a lot in the due course in this industry, and looking forward to implement it in future.

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration (Hospital Management), University of Fruita, CO
  • Master of arts(Finance), University of Fruita, CO
  • Bachelor of Arts (Finance) , University of Fruita, CO
  • St. Annes Girls High School Certificate, University of Fruita, CO

Work Experience:

Industry: JPj Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Health Care Manager
Duration: 4 years


  • To arrange the meetings and discussing the issues with the employees
  • Participation in the recruitment of the hospital staff
  • Organizing health camps in the hospital
  • Participation in the meetings to discuss financial planning
  • Contacting the agents for the equipment, machinery and medicines
  • Arranging for new facilities in the hospital at economical rates
  • Participation in discussion for tie-ups and collaborations
  • Planning the annual budget, and presenting it to Health Care Executive
  • Recruiting technical professionals for IT (Information Technology) sector
  • Discussing the rules and regulations with the lawyers

Industry: Pharma Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Health Care Manager
Duration: 6 years


  • To train the Assistant Managers
  • To consult CA(Chartered Accountants) for financial policies
  • Implementing medical facilities at cheaper rates for financially weak patients
  • Supervising day-to-day activities in the hospital
  • Reporting monthly status to Health Care Executive
  • Discussing with the lawyers from time-to-time, about the new financial policies implemented
  • Taking 6-monthly feedbacks from the administration staff and employees
  • Participating in the budget preparation sessions
  • Suggesting tie-ups and collaborations
  • Responsible for supervising the security section, food section and cleaning section
  • Supervising the IT sector in the hospital

Certification and skills:

  • Strong communication and inter personal skills
  • Comfortable working in MS Office
  • Knowledge of DBMS (Database Management Systems)

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: June 12, 1976
  • Hobbies: Playing basket all, baseball, internet surfing
  • Languages known: English, Japanese, German


  1. Mildred A. Wheeler
    3664 Traders Alley
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    Contact Number: 556-909-6857

  2. Margarite K. Patton
    3629 Rose Street
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Contact Number:667-686-9902
    Email Address:

The health care executive resume given above gives an idea of the method of writing a resume. Your work experience(relevant) would increase the chances of your selection for an interview call.

Also, you must remember that the language you use in writing your resume is pellucid. Make sure, you do not go writing long paragraphs and irrelevant details. Be precise and clear, it makes your resume appear clear and readable.

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