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Field Assurance Coordinator Resume

Preventive measures are always better than corrective measures. It is always advisable and feasible to check for defects in the manufacturing line, rather than checking the same after completion of production. This not only assures quality output but also saves cost. Thus, organizations employ Field Assurance Coordinator/ Field Quality Assurance Executive to ensure efficient and qualitative production. The word 'coordinator' makes it clear that he is not only responsible for testing and quality check, but assisting and overseeing the production in a way that the final output clears the quality control checks. Thus, the generic role of a coordinator is to assist, and oversee the on-site activity to help assure timely and qualitative completion of the task. The sample field assurance coordinator resume sample given below will help us understand better. However, before reading the resume sample, one important point to consider for this job profile is that a person willing to work at this position should be thorough with all the production and quality check activities. Only when he/she is thorough with the same, he/she can oversee and coordinate with others. For more on this job profile read the sample resume given below.

Sample Field Assurance Coordinator Resume

Jim .K. Anderson
Green Hues Blvd.,
28th Street
Bristol, VA 20216
Ph: 444 551100

Career Objective:

Willing to help the organizations maintain utmost quality standards of production by effective field quality assurance, and minimal wastage of resources to make the production as cost-effective as possible. Use my expertise and skills not just to govern and evaluate the production processes, but to bring in some changes in the processes that will help make the processes simple and cost-effective.

Career Summary:

With thorough competence and expertise, and a total experience of 7 years in this field, am currently working at the post of Field Quality Assurance Coordinator with Terra Textiles , Bristol. Having worked at the core production level and moved up the professional hierarchy over the time, have thorough expertise and knowledge of all the production processes, obstacles, troubleshooting, etc. Thus, capable of overseeing and assuring utmost quality in production processes.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough expertise of all production activities related to textile manufacturing
  • Utmost knowledge of raw materials, machinery, and equipment used in manufacturing
  • Good coordination and leadership skills
  • Good observation and analysis skills that helps me spot deviations in the processes, and the after effects of the same, so as to find effective solutions to it
  • Good plant management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good at mentoring
  • Good at troubleshooting, which helps me fix a problem then and there rather than delaying the same leading to unnecessary aggravation

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Terra Textiles Ltd.
Designation: Field Quality Assurance Coordinator
(2007- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for monitoring the production processes
  • Responsible for checking in-production processes to assure qualitative output
  • Coordinate with the raw material purchase personnel to ensure the quality of the purchase
  • Coordinate with maintenance personnel to ensure smooth functioning of the machines, to assure uninterrupted production activities
  • Authorized to stop the production activity on noticing any faults in processes or defects in production line
  • Mentor the new employees in the production line
  • Assure minimal wastage of resources in production
  • Keep a check on safety measures implemented in the production processes
  • Chalk out new strategies and safety measures, if current strategies fail to produce fruitful results
  • Coordinate with the Quality Control Department to understand the flaws so as to avoid the same from repeating again
  • Keep a check on resource utilization to increase the cost-effectiveness
  • Coordinate with the Plant Manager to understand the production requirements

Previous Work Experience:

Terra Textiles Ltd.
Designation: Plant Supervisor

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Plant Manager
  • Chalk out work schedules for production workers
  • Assure the availability of production inventory
  • Keep a tab of daily production activities, completed schedules, costs incurred, etc.
  • Assist the Plant Manager in making reports, and time-cost estimations
  • Assure that all the safety measures are followed

Zeus Textiles Ltd.
Designation: Production Executive

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for textile production
  • Follow the work schedule and complete the same on time
  • Follow accurate safety measures in the plant
  • Understanding the specifications put forth by the client and follow the same while manufacturing
  • Report to the Plant Supervisor


  • Masters in Production Management - 2002
  • Bachelors of Textile Design - 2001

Additional Courses:

  • Diploma Course in Cost Analysis - 2003
  • Diploma in Inventory Management - 2002 Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Active participation in art and cultural fest, textile expos, and management games


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The sample field assurance coordinator resume given above clearly explains the job profile and the responsibilities of the same. The Field Assurance Coordinator is an important link in successful, timely, and qualitative completion of production, by resorting to quality control of the production processes. Thus, organizations seek a person with thorough expertise and potential for the said profile. Refer to the above given sample resume, and draft a resume that will answer the employer's search.

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