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Engineering Executive Resume

A well written resume can get you your dream job. Mention things in the correct sequence, and fluid language which will make it easy to read. You need not use the same resume you had prepared once for each and every job. Read the job requirements carefully before you send the resume, as the employer is expecting the right candidature. As far as possible, avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Some of the resumes require fine details to be mentioned. One such resume is that of an Engineering Executive, a sample Engineering Executive resume has been presented here. While writing such resumes, you have to keep in mind that the employer would be more interested in knowing your technical skills and experience. It is important that you mention each and every possible detail of your academics and relevant work experience.

Kay F. Smith
F-25, Wallmark,Contact Number:990-765-9900
2273 Walnut Hill DriveEmail-Id:
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Career Objective:

To work in an organization where my experience and expertise is utilized, and where I can use my technical skills for the growth of the organization.

Career Summary:

I have 12 years of experience in the electricity power generation sector. I have worked for 3 years in Enginetechl Pvt. Ltd., as an Associate Engineer, then as Senior Plant Engineer in PowTech Energy Group, Los Angeles for 4 years. I am currently working as Deputy Executive Engineer in ElecGen Groups Pvt. Ltd., Florida. I have extensive experience in Operations and maintenance of Turbine and Boiler and Waste Recycle and management in plant.

Educational Qualification:

1998Wallmark state UniversityMaster of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
1996Wallmark state UniversityBachelor of Science(Mechanical Engineering)
1992St. Mary's High SchoolHigh School Certificate

Work Experience:

Industry: ElecGen Groups Pvt. Ltd, Florida
Job Title: Deputy Executive Engineer
Duration: June 2005 till present


  • Handling Turbine and Boiler operations
  • Proposing new projects
  • Maintenance of Turbine and Boiler sections (Maint.)
  • Waste material management
  • Giving the estimate of the total power production and dispatch
  • Participation in company meetings for new projects
  • Shut down handling
  • Maintenance of shifts according to load
  • Inspection of the power plant every week
  • Compiling and submitting the reports to the top management
  • Handling the artisan union
  • Time to time checking of the machine health and coal supply
  • Dealing with contractors for spare parts (bearings and shafts)
  • Setting the output production goals, and assigning teams for it
  • Conducting interviews for the posts of Senior Engineer

Industry Name: PowTech Energy Group, Los Angeles
Job Title: Senior Engineer
Duration: July 2001 to June 2005


  • Boiler and Turbine maintenance
  • Maintaining the excel sheet of the errors and troubles in the machines
  • Training the fresher candidates
  • Reporting the meter values from time to time to Deputy Engineer
  • Troubleshooting the faults
  • Attending company meetings for monthly target generation
  • Handling Shutdown

Industry Name: Enginetechl Pvt. Ltd
Job Title: Associate Engineer
Duration: June 1999 to June 2001


  • Maintaining excel sheet of faults
  • Attending company meetings from time to time
  • Working on operation and maintenance of Boiler and Turbine
  • Taking meter readings and maintaining the record
  • Timely presentations on the new concepts learnt in the training


  • Nomination for "Best Trainee Award" in Enginetechl Pvt . Ltd
  • 1st prize in inter-college paper presentation competition
  • 1st prize in "Innov-Technologies" competition held in PowTech Energy Group, Los Angeles
  • "Most Promising candidate" award in ElecGen Groups Pvt. Ltd., June 2007

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participation in Inter-college Hip-Hop dance competition
  • Participation in Blood donation camp held at Enginetechl Pvt . Ltd
  • Represented ElecGen Groups Pvt. Ltd in inter-company singing competition
  • Participation in Half-Marathon, June 2010


1) Jenny Bauer
D-89, Floor 12
24543 Wincent Road
Cincinnati, OH 34232
Contact Number: 584-859-5500
2) Brigitte Hann
2nd floor, Hallmark building
76789 Wincent Road
Cincinnati, OH 34232
Contact Number:343-990-0099

Your way of expressing things in the resume gives the employer an overall idea about you, so take care that you avoid any silly mistakes. While writing an Engineering Executive resume it is expected that you are an expert in the technical fields that are required, so highlight them. Some of the companies require references to be mentioned, do not forget to put that at the end. Simple and effective language with relevant details properly mentioned will increase your chances of being shortlisted for a job interview.

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