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Creative Executive Resume

Creative Executive Resume is created for the introduction purpose of the executives in front of the employers even before meeting them personally. The creative professionals are responsible for lot of important things in an organization; they have to take care of the branding and the representation of the organization mainly. Their major job role revolves around the creation of the face of the organization, of how it looks to the third person as an introduction. The creative professionals are the people who work for people, their job is to help the people know about the organization, as in they are the people who create the strategies and designs for an organization.

The creative professionals are very important part of any organization, there are many aspects in an organization, in which the professionals have to deal, these aspects include are, marketing, public relations, advertisement etc.

There are many responsibilities of which they need to take care, some of them are mentioned below:

  • They have to manage multiple projects from concept through completion
  • They need to develop creative programs and also design concepts that meet the business objectives of the organization and that advance our brand strategy
  • These professionals have to establish creative direction for the entire line of online services and programs
  • They are responsible for the supervision and inspire the creative team of vendor partners; generate multiple concepts for a campaign or project
  • They work with the account team, strategy team, and copywriters to develop concepts and present to management
  • These professionals work in internal teams to generate ideas for pitching and proposals
  • They work as team members
  • They work on providing the quality control over concepts and projects

There are many skills that are required for the professionals, who want an opportunity in this field, the skills or the requirements that an employers would look for in a creative executive are:

  • Should have the knowledge of software such as Photo shop, Illustrator, In Design & Flash
  • Experience with Adobe After Effects & video editing (a plus) needed for this position
  • Experience of the language of HTML, DHTML CSS, Action script & Drupal
  • They should have ability to make evaluative judgments
  • Capable of communicating effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Should be capable to supervise and train employees, to include organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work ass

Sample Creative Executive Resume

George Anthony
1123, LKJ Lane
GFH Apartments
North America

001 419 8878 990

Profile: I have worked for six years. The experience that I have got is a very useful experience, I am sure that my previous experiences will always be very helpful in any designation I serve or in any organization I work.

Objective: I want to be the Creative Head of a reputed firm, where I can get to show all my skills and expertise, as I am sure this will lead to the better and profit of the organization.

Educational Credentials:

Bachelors in arts from the University of California
Diploma in Graphic Designing from the University of California

Job Summary:

ABC Company
Designation: Creative Executive
Duration: 2 years

  • To manage 10 graphic designers under, in a team.
  • To work with the team to achieve the target that has been decided for the organization.
  • Create strategies for the marketing and the advertisement, and then keep a check on the testing and implementation of the strategies.

SER Company
Duration: 4 years
Designation: Creative Trainee

  • Work in the team, on the tasks that has been assigned.
  • Assist the executives for the projects they work on
  • To manage the survey from the competitors in the market and then update the database of he organization.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Best employee for the year, in ABC Company.
  • Most Creative Trainee of, CCV Project in SER Company.


Mr. John Parker
ABC Company

Creative Executive Resume can be designed in the appropriate format, if the sample of the same designation, which is attached here, is used as a help. This sample can be guidance for all those who need to create a professionally perfect resume.

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