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Corporate Travel Sales Executive Resume

To expand any business, it is important to increase the horizons of the organizations. The basic requirement in that case is to search the profitable locations, and seek the audience. Imagine, you are an owner of a startup company, and you want to expand your business beyond the local area. The most important aspect is to identify market opportunities, to expand and implementation of the cost. Do you remember the famous example? Two merchants were sent to South Africa for a market survey by a shoe company, one merchant on return said that he couldn't seek any opportunity, as people there didn't even know what a shoe is! Whereas, the other one said that there is ample opportunity as people there would be interested in this new product! There is the difference in the way you view things, and a keen eye to seek opportunity is what is needed. A Corporate Sales Executive in an organization is required to travel at different locations, and seek opportunities for the company. They need to find out the location, study the rules and regulations, meet the prospective clients, and contact the companies for tie-ups. While you apply for this post, do read the job profile offered, and then write the resume. Refer the sample corporate travel sales executive resume presented here for reference.

Karen E. Hernandez
846 Pine Tree Lane
Herndon, MD 22070
Contact Number: 778- 866-9959
Email Address:

Career Objective:

To work as a Corporate Travel Sales Executive in an organization, where my experience of sales in marketing, at different locations of the country is utilized, and to build a strong on-site team to increase company profits.

Career Summary:

I have worked as an Assistant Manager in Allfood Groups Pvt. Ltd., in the sales department for 5 years. I joined as a Head Manager (sales team) in FMKJ Groups Pvt. Ltd. and worked there for 6 years. I am currently working as a Deputy Corporate Travel Sales Executive in MaxxI Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(3 years)

Educational Details:

  • Master of Business Administration, Sales and Marketing, University of
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of
  • St. Joseph's Boys High School, High School Certificate

Work Experience:

Industry: MaxxI Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Deputy Corporate Travel Sales Executive
Duration: 3 years (presently working)


  • To travel to different countries for site inspection
  • Meeting the lawyers and discussing the rules for setting up the plant
  • Working out the collaboration plans
  • Setting the targets for international sales team
  • Attending company meetings, and discussing the sales strategy for the product
  • Meeting with the advertisement team, and discussing the launch
  • Meeting channel heads to discuss the airtime rates
  • Assigning teams for market survey in different countries
  • Suggesting the improvements/increase in products depending on the customer feedback
  • Giving presentations of the annual meets, and the resulting deals
  • Giving 6 monthly reports to the Corporate Travel Sales Executive

Industry: FMKJ Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Head Manager (sales team)
Duration: 6 years


  • To distribute samples of ketchups and jams in companies
  • To assign teams daily targets for product sales
  • To work as a team leader for the FMCG products and supply chain unit in final stage
  • To install proper IT (Information Technology) facilities to ease the database maintenance
  • To work in co-ordination with the supply chain unit
  • To acquaint the advertising team from time to time about the new products/improved products
  • To discuss the customer feedback and plan new sales strategy
  • To assist Deputy Corporate Travel Sales Executive in planning visits to prospective locations
  • Contacting the managers in different branches and preparing progress reports

Industry: Allfood Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Assistant Manager
Duration: 5 years


  • To compile the reports from sales and marketing team to the Head Manager
  • To plan the advertising strategy with the advertising team
  • Coordinating with the production team and planning the product launch
  • Training and recruiting candidates for sales
  • Checking daily product sales ratio, and sending reports to the manager
  • Working with the sales team to accomplish monthly targets
  • Visiting sites and suggesting the sales options
  • Assisting Head Manager in the annual report preparation
  • Coordinating activities of the offices at different location, and arranging for risk management there

Certifications and Skills:

  • Certified CPA professional
  • Comfortable working with computer
  • Strong sales and advertising skills
  • SAP(5.0) Certification

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: October 9, 1966
  • Hobbies: Playing synthesizer, piano, singing
  • Languages Known: English, French, Spanish


  1. Jimmy A. Klein
    4143 Hog Camp Road
    Arlington Heights, IL 60005
    Contact Number: 889-998-8878
    Email Address:

  2. Lore D. Tomlinson
    1248 Village View Drive
    Fort Myers, FL 33901
    Contact Number:668-99-7767
    Email Address:

You can refer the sample corporate travel sales executive resume given above, and write a job winning resume! It would be beneficial if you read the employer's required job profile, before writing your resume.

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