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Construction Executive Resume

A construction executive, more appropriately known as construction manager, is a person of high cadre and ranking in a construction company. His primary task revolves around looking after the particular construction projects of the company. He is concerned with the project development, allocation of all kinds of resources for the upkeep of construction process and paying due consideration to all the individual dispositions at play in such a manner so as to helm a successful project culmination. Along with the rhetorical duties he also has to face new challenges on a day to day basis; they may come in the form of human resistance (owing to the pure psychological blocks engraved within the worker class), shortage of construction resources (men and material), hike in the cost of raw material, and various other managerial problems and limitations of the company. Under him, in a company hierarchy, comes various executives in the departments like raw material, budget, human resource, and transport. He, along with the executives designated to the project, makes sure that the project sails through smoothly.

Being at such a position, it becomes necessary for him to master the skills of handling people and money. One thing that will always help in this field is people skills- the skill to tackle different people in the line of work in order to exact the desired work from them in favorable terms. Apart from this, another thing to know is the skill of managing money and wisely allocating it. It is necessary when working around limited budget to exercise such options and chose such ways which could yield the desired results in the given amount of time.

With this in mind, here is a construction executive resume/ construction manager resume sample for you reference.

Richard Harper
14, West side 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


Seeking a position of construction manager with a reputed construction company like yours, with a will to face new challenging opportunities along the way and complementing them with my specialized skills in resources management.

Profile Summary:

  • 4 years of experience in real estate development for retail.
  • 2 projects in developing IT parks in New York and Los Angles.
  • Experience in handling man and material with equal efficiency.
  • Part of the most profitable ventures of the previous companies and being an active instrument in facilitating this status.
  • Worked on 2 international projects with teams and experts from Japan and Korea.

Skills Summary:

  • Strong planning and managerial skills coupled with a strong ability to direct the projects towards successful completion
  • Strong organizational skills along with strong human resource management ability
  • Excellent leadership qualities with good skills in breaking ice with colleagues and persuading the men to work with zeal
  • Strong communication skills for successfully interacting and corresponding with people
  • Excellent time management skills with the ability to finish all the tasks well before the deadline

Work Experience:

Jack and Burwoski Infrastructure, Lancaster, South Carolina
Construction Manager (2008-Present)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Developing plans with the architect team and working out details on blue prints for greater clarity and efficiency.
  • Planning out strategies to approach each problem that might come up anytime and designing backup plans for the same.
  • Keeping all the planning and operations teams in close loop and maintaining transparency.
  • Carrying out construction reviews, scheduling reviews and ensuring the progress of the projects.
  • Evaluation and integration of blueprints and project plans prior to starting off with the process.
  • Presenting the monthly accounts summary to the management along with other reports.

FPR Builders and Developers
Assistant Project Manager (February 2005 to March 2008)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Worked around planning, designing and procuring equipment for the project in the making
  • Collaborated with managers of various departments and consultants to develop final designs and standards for the projects
  • Prepared contracts for various parties and worked on the terms of negotiations with the contractors, consultants and other involved parties
  • Worked towards cost controlling by effectively keeping a tab on all the day to day progress, schedules and material quality
  • Ensuring the practice of high standards of safety

Education Details:

  • Construction Management, University of Houston, 2004
  • Civil Engineering, Sam Houston State University, 2002


Fill this section accordingly. Your achievements should be professional ones and such that could impress the reader.


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This is how a construction executive resume is written.

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