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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Resume

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a very important position in an organization. This person is directly responsible for the functioning of the organization. Before learning more about this position, one must know that, one requires years of experience, capability of leading an organization, and immense knowledge of one's field to work as a CEO. The chief executive officer resume thus, needs to be drafted in a way that it lives up to the expectations of this position.

On reading the sample CEO resume given below one can understand the role of a CEO, and thus draft a resume accordingly. However, before that a brief idea about this position will prove helpful.

Who is a CEO?

A CEO is an official responsible for execution of the policies set up by the Board of Directors. In an organization where there are no Board of Directors, he/she is a person who frames policies, strategies, etc., and implements the same. He thus, influences the operations of the organization directly and is responsible for all the crucial decisions of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer Resume Sample

Mark C. Peterson
1039 Park Lane
Richmond, VA 26102
Ph: 545412420

Career Objective:

Make a substantial difference to the organization's revenue, branding, and develop a distinct identity for the same. Willing to work in an environment wherein the role of a CEO would not be limited to a mere a decision follower and policy implementer but allows one’s equal participation in decision and policy making of the organization.

Career Summary:

A total work experience of 15 years and having proved my dedication and smart work in every phase of my profession, have moved up the professional hierarchy, and today am working as a CEO with Goldspot Beverages, NY. Prior to this post of CEO, have worked with different organizations and helped in the successful management of the organizations.

Professional Experience:

Currently working with Goldspot Beverages
Designation: CEO
(March 2005 - till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work in coordination with the Board of Directors of Goldspot, NY
  • Active participation in strategy making, policy planning, etc.
  • Analyzing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and presenting a report to the Board of Directors in the quarterly meeting
  • Traveling to other parts of USA to analyze the markets, and seek new opportunities for further market penetration
  • Regular meetings with the HR Head, Production Head, Marketing Head, etc., and studying the current operations and strategies of the organization
  • Implementing the decisions and policies of the board, and monitoring the after effects of the same
  • Effective communication with the management of the organization
  • Serve as a link between the Management and Board of Directors


  • Continuous increase in the revenue generation of Goldspot, NY
  • Goldspot is awarded with the A++ grade by the Auditors for effective management of the organization
  • Goldspot got a 5Star rating from Food & Beverages Council

Previous Work Experience:

Spark Foods & Beverages
Designation: Manager, Sparks F&B

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the entire production, marketing and human resource of the organization
  • Monitor the implementation and execution of various policies and strategies
  • Represent the organization in various exhibitions, conferences, etc.
  • SWOT analysis of every project and proposal
  • Analysis of the resources involved in every project

SPM Food & Beverages
Designation: Area Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

Working as an Area Manager was responsible for managing the clients of the area allotted to money, generating revenue, adding new clients to the list, reporting to the seniors, studying the market, etc. Appreciated for effective management of the area, team, and increasing revenue generation of the area.


  • MS in Business Administration - 1994
  • Bachelors of Business Administration - 1993

Additional Courses:

  • Diploma in Production Management - 1992
  • Diploma in Inventory Management - 1991


Comfortable in working anywhere throughout New York


Available on request


Mark C. Peterson

The chief executive officer resume given above puts forth the applicant’s career objective, which reflects the applicant’s expectations in terms of job profile. The job roles and responsibilities explains the candidate’s potential and expertise, thus helping the employer make the right decision in terms of selecting a candidate. Thus, be it any position, a well-written resume is essential.
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