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Business Development Resume

Business Developers are responsible for developing businesses by studying and researching each and every process through various departments in an organization and then apply logical and analytical skills to find out how they could improve the production and efficient. They also try to find new business opportunities and are a main part of the expansion committee of the organization. They coordinate with different departments and make sure all the reports have been recorded and logged genuinely. Later, when they receive detailed reports from these departments they analyze them and build strategies based on the same.

They work closely with the higher management for finding new business development avenues and new areas in which they can expand the business. The study the market trends and analyze the demand and supply of the existing products sold by the organization and their competition and work upon strategies for launching new products and selling them at competitive rates. They also provide support in choosing the location for the new infrastructure to be built on during the expansion process by analyzing the distance of it from the main city and other factors which influence cost.

The applicant needs to at least have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and relevant 3 years of experience for being eligible for this position. A Master's degree would help in the resume being more unique and persuasive. The employers may also ask for a lesser amount of experience. Given below is a business developer resume sample.

Business Development Resume Sample:

Christy M. Hixon
647 Nelm Street
Herndon, VA 22070

Career Objective: To work in a reputed organization as a Business Developer using my skills and knowledge of the market for benefiting the organization and a better career.

Professional Summary: 3 years of field experience as a Business Developer

Key Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • In depth knowledge of the business development process
  • Good in coordinating tasks and various other duties within a team
  • Good in creating and analyzing reports
  • Good in strategy building
  • Excellent knowledge of E-Commerce
  • Good with managing teams of people
  • Proficient with computer operation and Microsoft Office
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Good motivational skills
  • Good time management skills

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Business Management: TEWQ College of Business Management 1001 Omni Blvd., Newport News, VA (April, 2007 to April, 2009)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management: TEWQ College of Business Management 1001 Omni Blvd., Newport News, VA (April, 2004 to March, 2007)
  • High School: Encarta High School, 803 Diligence Dr., Newport News, VA (March, 2004)

Professional Experience:

Business Developer: Smark Industries International Pvt. Ltd., 10900 University Blvd., Manassas, VA (April, 2010 till date)

  • Supervising a team of 10 employees
  • Performing periodic checks on the designated process which are performing poorly
  • Responding to staff feedback and resolving their issues by communicating the same to the higher management
  • Developing new modules which would help the employees do their work more efficiently
  • Making many changes to the working processes on an experimental basis to improve overall productivity of the different units
  • Supervising the machines department and making sure their maintenance is done according to the scheduled dates
  • Adding new state of the art machinery to different departments for improving product quality
  • Making changes to the main work flow of the various departments either for getting better results or improving the product quality as per research
  • Developing strategies in accordance with the higher management
  • Providing daily reports to the higher management for analysis
  • Maintaining an attendance record of the employees by receiving reports from various department
  • Training new employees on the latest techniques on saving time and making business development strategies

Business Developer: 8333 Little River Tpke., Annandale, VA (May, 2009 to March, 2010)

  • Analyzing the reports created by employees based on the recorded data from the machines
  • Taking certain steps as per the latest directions received from the higher management to improve site performance
  • Researching about various latest techniques used currently in the market for business development purposes
  • Hiring new staff as per required
  • Providing monthly feedback on the performance of the employees based on the reports received
  • Planning on new strategies and presenting them to the higher management for approval
  • Conducting workshops on time saving techniques and various business development modules
  • Ensuring proper communication is maintained between all the teams belonging to various departments throughout the organization


  • "Best Business Developer", awarded by the staff for the month of June, 2011
  • "Best Business Developer", awarded by the Senior Deputy Manager for excellent performance


Name: Tina K. Johnson
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: Smark Industries International Pvt. Ltd., 10900 University Blvd., Manassas, VA
Phone: 920-676-4241

Name: Carroll A. Copeland
Designation: Senior Deputy Manager
Organization: 8333 Little River Tpke., Annandale, VA
Phone: 903-828-5541

The above business developer resume example guides the applicant on how to go about writing a good resume. They should provide all the genuine information in the resume. Changes to the above can be made as per requirement.

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