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Assistant Vice-President (Commercial Finance) Resume

Commercial finance is very vast sector, and many small and big organizations resort to commercial finance for accomplishing their organizational goals. Commercial finance differs from personal finance to a great extent, and the complexity and risk involved in the same is also very high. Thus, any finance application needs to be scrutinized thoroughly, and all the determining factors of the market need to be considered before approving an application. All these responsibilities are divided among different employees working at different levels in a commercial finance organization or bank. One such organizational level is the Vice President of the bank. He/she is responsible for overall planning, budgeting, decision making, investing, etc., of the bank. Let us learn a little more about the said job profile with the help of an assistant vice president (commercial finance) resume sample given below. For those who are already in this profession or field, this sample resume will help draft their resumes.

Sample Assistant Vice President of Commercial Finance Resume

Serra .S. Parker
1161 Business Lane Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32112
Ph: 804-804-8044

Career Objective:

Willing to excel and continue learning to stay updated with the latest trends and concept in the market, to help become a better decision maker. Willing to handle a senior job role with added, complicated and even challenging job responsibilities, which will help use my potential to the fullest.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 13 years, am currently working with I Commercial Finance, as the Assistant Vice President, since 2006. Today, I am at this position owing to my hard work, unmatched caliber, passion towards work, and expertise gained over the years working at different levels of the organizational hierarchy.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with all the legal and operational technicalities of a commercial lending organizations
  • Thorough with the market trend, which helps in making better decision pertaining to approval or disapproval of commercial loan applications
  • Good blend of analytical and intuitive skills to foresee the outcome, and take decisions accordingly
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, good at maintaining rapport with clients, credit rating agencies, legal firms, etc.
  • Exceptionally good management skills involving decision-making after thorough research and analysis, which helps in taking good long term profitable decisions

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - I Commercial Finance, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Assistant Vice President
(2006-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the President
  • Responsible for coordination with department heads to understand the client requirements, monitors the goal accomplishment, troubleshoot issues if any, etc.
  • Maintain cordial relations with credit rating agencies, legal firms, industrialists, etc.
  • Closely review commercial loan applications, meet the owners of the organization, do a thorough SWOT and PEST analysis of their project plans, take a feedback from the credit rating agencies, discuss the clauses that need to be included in their loan agreements with legal department, etc., and after thorough study, send a final report to the Vice President to get a go-ahead signal
  • Set targets for sales and collections department and monitor the same
  • Oversee all the legal formalities involved in approval of approved financial applications
  • Make quarterly and annual reports, and present the same to the Vice President in the Board Meetings

Previous Work Experiences:

Commercial Finance Solutions, Richmond, Virginia

Worked with Commercial Finance Solutions (CFS) for six years, and moved up to the position of General Manager in the year 2003. I joined CFS as the Finance Manager, and monitored the finances, financial operations, decisions pertaining to approval or disapproval of loan applications, etc., of the organization.

IDCF Bank, Richmond, Virginia

Joined IDCF in 1997, as a Loans Examiner, and was responsible for studying various loan applications put forth by the organization, doing a thorough analysis on the same, etc., and drafting a final report that helped in decision making pertaining to approval or disapproval of loan applications. Over the span of three years, I proved my potential and expertise, and in 1999 was promoted to the post of Assistant Finance Manager.


  • Masters in Business Administration with honors in Finance, All Saints University of Virginia - 1997
  • Bachelors of Commerce, St. Pope's University - 1995

Additional Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Project Analysis - 1999
  • Diploma in Business Law - 2001


Looking for suitable opportunities in Florida, Connecticut, and Virginia


Available upon request

Serra .S. Parker

The sample vice president (commercial finance) resume given above gives a crisp and ready to use resume template for the said position. It gives a clear idea, as to how should a resume for the said position be, and how one should precisely put forth one's years of experience and expertise in 2-3 pages. It also portrays the skills, expertise, and immense experience one should possess to work at the said position. Understand the job role thoroughly, match your skill sets to the requirement of the same, and using the above given sample resume, draft your perfect professional resume.

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