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SSDS Test Engineer Resume

Job Description:

The SSDS is an active member in the core team of engineers in executing test plans and has to assist the staff of the test team in implementing the tasks such as test development, procedure development, review, verification and validation. The SSDS test engineer has to lend his or her support to the lead test engineer, project engineer and project officers in executing test plans and procedures.

He or she has to keep a close watch on the test events and prepare the test observation reports mentioning the deficiencies in the plans and execution. The test engineer has to lend hand in developing test procedures. Further, he or she has to arrange for providing on the job training to the technicians and operators on shipboard in connection with the changes in systems and tests.

The test engineer has to prepare or provide support to the engineers in preparation of relevant papers and presentations. He or she must possess extensive working knowledge of SSDS combat system, peripheral devices, equipment interfaces and system operations.

Joe E
4662, Blane Street
Saint Lois
Phone: 314-542-6600
E- mail:

Job Objective:

I am a qualified SSDS test engineer and seeking a good position in an organisation to show and prove my skills in the field.

Work Experience:

I am working as a SSDS test engineer in a reputed organisation in Miami since January, 2005 and my responsibilities and achievements are as follows.

  • As I am thorough with standard SSDS procedures, I have been put in charge of repairing, maintaining and upgrading present SSDS systems using necessary solutions.
  • I have managed test plans and cooperated with the team regarding test tasks
  • I have been helpful to the project engineer, project officer and Lead team engineer in carrying out their tasks.
  • I am in charge of monitoring events and on the basis of this I have prepared and outlined test observation and test procedures.
  • I undertook training classes to the shipboard technicians and operators and prepared relevant papers, presentations and study materials.
  • After assessing the current performance, I have planned for future performances, stability and system management.

Summary of Qualifications and Skills Possessed:

  • I have extensive knowledge and experience with electronic warfare system
  • I am very much thorough with SSDS combat system, equipment interfaces and system operations.
  • I have wide knowledge about signal processing techniques and digital signal processors, which are essential for a SSDS test engineer.
  • I have good programming skills including C, Python and more
  • I am also familiar with Linux
  • I can analyse any problem by finding the root cause and I am able to suggest and take corrective measures.
  • I have good communication skills, documentation skills and I can work in any environment and with any team.
  • I always maintain good relationship with everone.

Educational Qualifications:

I am a B.E graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
I also possess M.S degree in Computer Science.


I am ready to submit references on request or at the time of interview.

The Necessity of Enclosing a Resume:

In recent times, the employers are not satisfied with the applications of the candidates alone, because one cannot be judged by reviewing the application. They expect something more from the aspirants and that is nothing but resumes. Moreover, the software engineers and the other test engineers are always changing their jobs from one place to the other for many reasons best known to them.

At this stage, for an aspirant who is trying for the job of a SSDS test engineer, he or she has to prepare a well defined SSDS test engineer resume to be presented to the prospective employers. The importance of SSDS test engineer resume is that it should stand out from that of other competing candidates and make the employer to understand your best attributes.

In this competitive world, there exists always a stiff competition even for a single post and it is necessary for you to show that you are really the fittest person for the job position you are applying for. While presenting the details of SSDS test engineer resume, you have to explain your experiences, skills and other necessary and expected qualifications in a clear format to impress the hiring managers.

There is nothing wrong in describing your personal characters and work ethic, but the way you put them is the key factor. For example, instead of saying that you possess strong work ethics to deliver the desired results, you can mention and show that you have proven record for the increase in sales which has resulted in increase in revenue as well as profits. This way of writing will yield better results.

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