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Research Engineer Resume

An employer spends for deciding the applicant's potentialities. Resume should not only make the recruiter read, but should prompt for a job interview. Logical and clear communication is an essential part of resume writing. The point here is to make your resume informative, short, and to the point. This research engineer resume in the page will make your understanding clear on the effective ways of planning and developing a perfect resume. The following general guideline in this resume is worth, to apply in writing your professional resume. You can create your resume by referring the guidelines. It really defines how a professional resume should look like.

A Research Engineer is an engineering research professional who focuses on the development, research, and application of technologies, or for some scientific purposes. This can be in the field of all types of engineering like mechanical, computer, civil, electronics, and so on. However, the common tasks of all these research engineer remains common, i.e. to investigate, evaluate, and develop new equipment to meet the requirement.

This resume will speak in detail, of a research engineer working in the domain of aeronautics. The job descriptions of an aeronautical research engineer includes performing aeronautical research, testing aircraft and missiles, evaluating design and manufacturing process of aircraft systems, testing equipment and techniques, preparing research reports, modifying aircraft components and parts, conducting tasks as assigned by research professor, designing innovative aircraft technologies, developing and testing new methodologies, providing guidelines in testing equipment, supervising manufacturing process, conducting research on overall aircraft performance, and many more.

Aeronautical Research Engineer should possess excellent research skills combined with good understanding of aeronautical engineering concepts and applications. Some of the additional skill sets required for the position include good communication, management, organization, and analytical skills. A bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering is required for the position.

Sample Research Engineer Resume

Morgan Ahemni
672 Pheasant Bridge Rd
Philadelphia 19103
Contact Details: (999)-980-1109

Career Goal:

Well versed in the field of research and development in the field of aircraft and missile systems. Looking an opportunity to work as a research engineer in a major research firm

Relevant Knowledge & Skills:

  • Familiar with aeronautical engineering concepts, applications, and procedures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of aircraft testing methodologies, aircraft quality standards, aerospace products and systems
  • In-depth knowledge of aerospace instrumentation, research methodologies and techniques
  • Sound knowledge of aircraft systems, internal functionalities, and external structure
  • Possess strong analytical, communication, research, and management skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work in a team and dynamic environment

Work Experience:

Organization: Air Research, PA
Duration: October 2010 till date
Designation: Aeronautical Research Engineer

  • Responsible for providing directions to engineers in construction and testing of missiles and aircraft systems
  • Handle the tasks of analyzing aircraft design, aircraft materials, and testing of aircraft equipment
  • Assigned responsibilities of conducting research on aircraft testing methodologies and perform inspection of malfunctioning parts
  • Perform investigation of aircraft failure and technical issues

Organization: Research Inc, PA
Duration: October 2007 to September 2009
Designation: Junior Research Engineer

  • Assigned responsibilities of assisting research staff in the review and analysis of aerospace engineering design
  • Handle the tasks of checking aircraft to ensure that it meets environmental standards and regulatory guidelines
  • Perform responsibilities of preparing performance reports of aircraft systems
  • Responsible for conducting research on the emission of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide from aircraft systems

Educational Qualification:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering
University of PA in the year 2007


Will be pleased to provide upon request

Every section in the resume should be unique. You should include unique address, skills, and work experience. The above resume example takes every minute thing into consideration. This is indeed the best and standard way one can apply towards the making of a successful resume. With this resume as an example, writing a resume will not be a difficult part. Remember, the essence of any resume lies in the way of presenting the information in a proper way. In short, you need to achieve excellence in conveying the information. Well, set your resume in the right direction by writing a resume that is equal with the one provided in the page.

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