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Recording Engineer Resume

Why do we write a resume? For sales, marketing, or self promotion? Well, the answer is a combination of all the three points mentioned above. Resume is written for the purpose of selling, marketing, and promoting skills, work experience, and educational details with the goal of attaining a job interview. Preparing a resume is like preparing a business proposal. It is necessary to point the best in you, to please your recruiter. It therefore requires understanding of the requirement. This recording engineer resume example is a snapshot example towards preparing an outstanding resume. The tips provided in the sample can be easily comprehended. Make use of this resume as a reference in preparing your resume.

Recording Engineer also known as a sound engineer/audio engineer is an engineering professional who operates musical equipment and instruments, to produce musical sounds. Recording Engineer is employed in theaters, film and entertainment industries, night clubs, convention centers, and concert venues.

The duties and responsibilities of a recording engineer include recording sounds, mixing and editing sound tracks, creating desired sound effect, testing musical equipment before recording session, cleaning and maintaining recording equipment, troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining records of recording sessions, transmission and translation of sound, adjusting instruments to produce quality sound, assembling audio tracks to balance sound effect, checking mikes and cables, guiding music plays, and testing the final sound before final delivery.

Sound Engineers are required in every industry. A successful recording engineer should have a strong passion for music combined with excellent listening skills. It is also necessary for a recording engineer to have excellent control over musical equipment and instruments. Sound engineer should have a strong concept of electronic principles and sound engineering principles. It is mandatory to obtain a bachelor's degree in audio engineering, to obtain the position.

Sample Recording Engineer Resume

Wallace Soto
266 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA
Cell (015) 286-0115

Career Goal:

Detail oriented with sound understanding of audio engineering principles and operating of musical instruments. Seeking a position as a sound engineer in a renowned organization

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of sound technology, audio techniques, and concepts of sound engineering
  • Extensive knowledge of sound design, broadcasting, and music recording technology
  • Well versed in the operation and maintenance of sound equipment and tools
  • In-depth knowledge of acoustics, sound frequency, pitch, and physical properties
  • Attention to detail, creative, with excellent communication and management skills

Work History:

Organization: Jazz Group, California
Designation: Recording Engineer
Tenure: 2011till date

  • Responsible for operating audio and video systems to deliver optimum recording quality that meets the requirement
  • Handle responsibilities of installing, testing, and operating electronic devices for recording sounds
  • Perform the tasks of managing sound recording equipment and checking of equipment to ensure proper operation
  • Assigned responsibilities of handling complete activities like planning of production stages to the amplification of sounds
  • Responsible for mixing various sounds, managing sound volume, and editing sound tracks
  • Handle the tasks of maintaining recording logs and records of sound recording

Organization: Mid Group, California
Designation: Junior Sound Engineer
Tenure: 2009 to 2010

  • Handled responsibilities of setting up sound equipment and operating the equipment in appropriate manner
  • Assigned the tasks of generating the desired artistic effect by selecting appropriate sound equipment
  • Performed responsibilities of recording speech and music in various live shows
  • Responsible for repairing and maintaining sound equipment
  • Handled the tasks of testing musical equipment before recording session as well as testing sound before release
  • Performed adjustment of sound instruments and equipment to produce quality sound


Graduate in Sound Engineering
College of Engineering, California in the year 2009

Writing resume is simple yet complex in one sense. It's simple because it is just a presentation of your professional background, skill sets, and education. Complex, because it requires technique of presenting the information in such a way that it pleases the recruiter at the first glance. Study and analyze the resume provided in the sample, to master the art of framing a perfect resume. The address and name of the organization used in this sample is just for reference. We suggest you to customize the sample, to match with your personal skills and job experience.

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